Siri co-founder to demo Viv, ‘the global brain’ that provides an intelligent interface to everything

Dag Kittlaus, a brilliant artificial intelligence engineer who helped create an advanced personal digital assistant that Apple bought and marketed as Siri, is about to show his brand new artificial intelligence product to the world at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2016 conference later this week.

Kittalus, who co-founded Siri and was the CEO of the startup, has since moved on and co-founded another startup with Siri veterans Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham, called Viv Labs, with the goal of radically simplifying the world by providing an intelligent interface to everything.

Facebook rumored to step on Vine’s turf with Instagram Video

Facebook last week sent out invitations for its June 20 press event snail mail style, down to clean white envelopes. The graphics alludes the social networking giant has been working on “big ideas” and today TechCrunch chimes in to claim knowledge of the event’s agenda.

What Facebook apparently has in store is a video sharing feature for the Instagram generation. Rather boldly proclaiming that “Instagram will get video on June 20”, the story cites sketchy sources as asserting that the Instagram video service is much like Twitter’s Vine, which focuses on short six-second videos…

Apple in Talks with Nuance to Upgrade Voice Control in iOS 5?

It’s no secret that iOS is lacking some serious voice command options. Hopefully, Apple is looking at giving the pathetic Voice Control feature a serious overhaul in iOS 5. At least give iPhone users voice to text to compete with our Android counterparts.
We reported on an interesting job listing back in early March that suggested Apple had heard our cries for a revamped Voice Control system. Today we’ve got more fuel to add to the fire, as the word on the street is Apple is in talks with Nuance Communications…