How to send Nintendo Switch screenshots to your iPhone

Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch

If you love playing games on your Nintendo Switch as much as I do, then you probably already know about the handy screenshot feature. Maybe you capture shots of high scores or levels you’ve tackled. And while it’s great you have an album to see all your screenshots, maybe you’d like to do a bit more with them.

You might want to post those awesome gaming moments on social media. You may want to brag to a pal that you got further in the game than they did. Or, you might even want to help a friend who is new to a game by showing them how to do something.

Whatever the reason, you can take those Nintendo Switch screenshots and plop them right onto your iPhone. From there you can send, share, post, or do whatever you like with them. Here’s how it’s done.

How to capture a screenshot of a whole text thread on iPhone

PicSew Screenshot Stitching on iPhone

Do you need to get a single shot of entire conversation in Messages? Maybe it’s for something important like a court appearance or perhaps you want to save a backup just in case you need it down the road.

You can certainly scour the App Store for tools. But we took the work out of that for you. Here, we’ll show you how to screenshot a whole text conversation with a screenshot stitching tool called Picsew.

New to Mac? Here’s all the tools in the Mac Utilities folder

macOS Utilities Folder

If you’ve just purchased your first Mac, and especially if you’re coming from Windows, you might be wondering about the Utilities folder. You may see the folder but have yet to open it or you might be looking for a specific tool and don’t realize it’s in that folder.

Whatever the case, we’re here with another in our New to Mac series to help you out! We’ll explain what’s in the Utilities folder and what each tool is for.

How to take and view a screenshot on Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite in Case

Like taking a screenshot on your iPhone, you may have plenty of reasons for doing it on Kinle. We here at iDB take screenshots to show you how to do thing on your devices. But you might take one to get support from the maker or help show a friend how to navigate.

If taking a screenshot on your Kindle Paperwhite is something you’re interested in doing, then this is your how-to. We’ll show you how to take a screenshot on the eReader and how to view it once you do.

Flashy lets jailbreakers customize their iPhone’s screenshot flash

It has become quite the norm to snap a screenshot whenever you feel like sending someone a representation of your iPhone or iPad’s display, but one thing that hasn’t changed even slightly over the years is the bright white screen flash effect that was designed to simulate that of an actual camera flash.

If you’re interested in customizing the screenshot flash in any way, shape, or form, then you might take a liking to a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Flashy by iOS developer CydiaGeek. In a nutshell, this tweak lets you customize the screenshot flash’s color and make other minor adjustments to the screenshot flash behavior.

This tweak lets users reassign the Reachability gesture to other actions

Although I don’t use my iPhone’s Reachability interface that often, I do think that the gesture for invoking it is particularly clever on notched devices. Unfortunately, since I don’t really use Reachability that much, I find that the gesture goes to waste more than being useful.

If, like me, you rarely use the Reachability interface and would rather use the convenient Home Bar-based gesture for something more useful, then you’ll probably like a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called CantReachMe by iOS developer woodfairy. With it, you can map the native Reachability gesture to a new action of your choosing.

ScreenshotActions makes it easier to share and interact with iOS screenshots

I take so many screenshots on my iPhone day in and day out that I nearly take having the ability to capture my display as an image file for granted. Many others are in the boat I am, but whether you take many screenshots or not, one thing we may all be able to agree on is that Apple could make the screenshot interface a lot more intuitive.

Enter ScreenshotActions, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer P2KDev that makes it a whole lot easier for users to share and interact with screenshots after snapping them.

Get the iPhone X screenshot gesture on older iPhones with this tweak

The removal of the Home button from Apple’s notched handset lineup compelled the company to adopt a new button sequence for snapping screenshots on those devices. I’ve gotten accustomed to the new button sequence since adopting notched iPhones as my daily drivers since the iPhone X debuted, and I’ve found it somewhat challenging to remember to use the old screenshot button sequence on Home button-equipped devices.

If you’re like me and wish Apple would simply update iOS to make the screenshot button sequence the same across all devices for consistency’s sake, then you might appreciate a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Shot Pro by iOS developer Arablag, as that’s exactly what this add-on does for older handsets.

This tweak darkens the iPhone’s screenshot flash in dark environments

If you’ve ever wanted to show someone something from the display of your device without being in physical contact with them, then you might choose to capture a screenshot and send the resulting image to that person of choice. All iPhones and iPads support screenshot-taking, and if you’re familiar with the process, you should already know that iOS generates a bright white flash when the screenshot button sequence is invoked to simulate a camera flash.

It’s a nice touch to make the screenshot experience seem more realistic, but if you’re ever in a dark environment, such as peering at your phone while in bed, the bright white flash can be tear-jerkingly blinding. That’s why iOS developer XCXiao has released a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Smart Dark Flash.

Clear unwanted screenshots from your Photo Library more quickly with Screender

I take so many screenshots every day that it isn’t even funny, and as you might come to expect, they clutter up my Camera Roll in seemingly no time at all.

Typically, I’ll delete all my excess screenshots when I’m finished with them, but a free jailbreak tweak called Screender by iOS developer Esquilliaims to make this process easier by implementing a screenshot delete function directly into iOS’ Control Center interface.

Swipeshot: A new way to take screenshots on your jailbroken handset

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone typically involves pressing a couple of buttons, but Ryan Petrch’s popular Activator tweak can help you take a screenshot using almost any other gesture you can set your mind to. Take note of the word “almost” in that statement…

Swipeshot is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Nepeta that lets you take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad with a three-finger swipe on the Status Bar. As it turns out, this is one of the few gesture techniques that Activator doesn’t appear to provide out of the box.

Snapper 2 augments your iPhone’s screenshot-centric capabilities

Apple stepped up how iOS handles screenshots in some of the latest iterations of iOS, but that’s not to say it’s perfect. With that in mind, we can usually expect that the jailbreak community will respond with a solution whenever Apple leaves anything to be desired, and that’s precisely what happened in this particular instance.

Snapper 2 is a jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Jonathan Winger-Lang that augments iOS’ screenshot handling with a whole trough of new features, including sticky screenshot previews and privacy protection, among other things.