Steve Jobs’ house burglar gets 7-year sentence

Remember when someone broke into Steve Jobs' home last summer and stole over $60,000 worth of computers and stuff? Well that somebody ended up getting caught (believe it or not, Steve's iPad did him in), was found guilty, and just received his jail sentence.

Kariem McFarlin has just been sentenced to seven years in a California state prison for the robbery, as well as a string of other burglaries in the Bay Area. The 35 year-old was arrested in August of last year, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen property...

Over $1 million in goods stolen from Paris Apple Store in New Year’s Eve raid

While much of the world spent yesterday recovering from dehydration and hangovers, Apple was dealing with a different kind of headache. You know, the type of headache you get when someone steals over a million dollars in merchandise from you.

That's right, in what sounds like a rejected Ocean's 11 plot, the Apple Store in Paris's Opera district was robbed at gunpoint on New Year's Eve. And the masked thieves are believed to have made off with more than a million dollars in stolen products...

Again, why you should never buy an iPad in a parking lot

Craigslist is arguably one of the web's most popular destinations for folks looking to buy stuff at a bargain. A virtual garage sale of sorts, one can find anything from furniture to exercise equipment.

Of course, you can also find electronics on Craigslist — Apple products even. But as we've said before, you should always be wary of buying Apple gear in a parking lot. And again, here's why...

If You’re Going to Rob an Apple Store, Make Sure There is No Cop Waiting for You Outside

If we had a section on iDB called "people with terrible luck," this story would fit in perfectly. On Tuesday, 5 people entered the Apple Store at Town Square in Las Vegas and started stealing iPhones, iPads, and laptops in front of everyone - can you imagine the balls on these guys?

The thieves most likely realized that someone was going to call the cops but they probably thought that by the time cops show up, they'd be long gone. What they surely didn't know is that plainclothes officers happened to be right outside the Apple Store, working on an unrelated case...

Woman Dies in iPhone Robbery

It's no doubt that Apple products tend to stand out. They are very sleek and expensive-looking, and also worth a lot of money. All of these characteristics make Apple products a target for thieves looking to make a quick buck.

We've reported on Apple retail locations getting robbed in the past, but we haven't ever heard a story quite like this. Cult of Mac is reporting that a Chicago woman died yesterday due to injuries she suffered in a mugging that occurred Monday afternoon....

Find My iPhone Leads Police to Another Stupid Criminal

What is it lately with stupid criminals and the iPhone? This week alone iDB reported that a man left his device at the scene of robbery and another instance of a woman texting about her crimes from her beloved phone.

Today's entry comes from my home state of Wisconsin. Madison police report that 19 year old Jamal Jackson heisted two iPhones from the local West Town Mall in the capital city. Both phones were armed with Apple's MobileMe feature of Find My iPhone which led Jackson to be tracked to a nearby PDQ convenience store where he apparently stopped his van to gas up...

Stupid Criminal Leaves His iPhone at the Crime Scene

When we wrote an article last month about police being able to use iPhone data to help them further investigations this wasn't quite what we meant. An Alabama burglar is facing possible revocation of probation after he left his iPhone at the house he was robbing.

The Times Daily reports that the homeowners noticed the iPhone and told investigators that the device didn't belong to any of the residents and it was seized as evidence. Franklin County District Attorney, Joey Rushing, stated the following:

Oh No, My Apple Store Was Robbed!

This is the second Apple Store to be robbed in just 2 weeks. This time, it's my local Apple Store at UTC Mall in San Diego that got robbed, as reported by 9 to 5 Mac. Two guys dressed in jeans and hoodies showed up at the front of the store and smashed the glass doors. They grabbed 12 iPhones and left...