Stupid Criminal Leaves His iPhone at the Crime Scene

When we wrote an article last month about police being able to use iPhone data to help them further investigations this wasn’t quite what we meant. An Alabama burglar is facing possible revocation of probation after he left his iPhone at the house he was robbing.

The Times Daily reports that the homeowners noticed the iPhone and told investigators that the device didn’t belong to any of the residents and it was seized as evidence. Franklin County District Attorney, Joey Rushing, stated the following:

It always helps when you’ve got stupid criminals; it makes it a lot easier to solve the case

Well said, Joey. It’d be funny enough if this story ended here but the aptitude of the (19 year old burglar) Tyler Garrison gets worse. It turns out that the police also have a surveillance video of a local Wal-Mart that shows little Joey cashing in coins that were reported stolen in the botched robbery.

The District Attorney is calling on the judge to revoke Garrison who’s currently on probation for, you guessed it, burglary. His iPhone will be held by police who are labeling it a key piece of evidence.

Normally I would ask if there are any thoughts in this paragraph but I think that goes without saying this time. We salute you, Tyler Garrison. Thanks for providing us with the laugh of the day, and good luck telling this story in the big house.