Apple introduces new iPhone-dismantling robot Daisy ahead of Earth Day

Apple on Thursday shared its 2018 environmental report, highlighting all of the steps it's taken over the last year to reduce its impact on the environment. As announced earlier this month, the company has reached its longterm goal of using renewable energy to power 100% of its operations, and it even says it has convinced over 20 of its suppliers to commit to the same goal.

How to recycle your old tech with Apple’s Recycling Program

If you have old tech sitting in your closet or attic that you don't use anymore because you've got something better, Apple will gladly make sure that tech is recycled properly free of cost via the Apple Recycling Program. In some instances, the company will even give you an Apple Store gift card as credit towards a new Apple device or accessories.

The Apple Recycling Program has been around for ages, but is often overlooked as an option. Although better deals can often be had elsewhere, the urge to trade in your device can come at inopportune times, and when you want quick money for your old Apple devices, or a quick and easy way to get rid of your junk tech, Apple can come in handy in a pinch.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can use the Apple Recycling Program to make better use of your unused tech.

Apple expands in-store trade-ins to include iPads

Apple's in-store Reuse & Recycling program in the United States and Canada is now available to iPad owners, too, according to a new report Tuesday.

If you have a used iPad lying around that needs getting rid of, take it to a nearby Apple Store and the company will give you a store credit, depending on its model, condition, age, physical appearance and other factors.

Apple uses a list of 22 criteria to evaluate if your device is eligible for trade. Devices that won't power on, have smashed screens, are jailbroken or use non-Apple parts won't be considered for a credit...

Apple now offering free recycling of all its devices

Apple's all-out environmental PR push continues on with the announcement of free recycling of all used Apple devices. It's yet another bid to increase Apple's reliance on renewable energy sources and help preserve the environment by keeping the electronics out of landfills because of the toxins in them.

According to an Associated Press report Monday, Apple has confirmed that it will take back all its used devices for recycling, completely free of charge, in all of its retail outlets - globally.

Although the company's existing Recycling program hands out gift cards in exchange for used iPhones and iPods still in good enough condition to be resold (as determined by PowerON), this won't be the case with recycled products that have little or no resale value...

Official: iPhone trade-in program launches today across Apple Stores in US

Despite Tim Cook dodging questions about the then-supposed iPhone trade-in program during June's earnings call, the rumors have turned out true after all.

Apple on Friday officially launched the new iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program, basically a trade-in initiative aimed at boosting iPhone sales at Apple's own retail stores, which currently comprise only twenty percent of iPhones sold (Cook wants to sell half of all iPhones at company stores).

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Apple’s iPhone Reuse and Recycle Program launches August 30, details here

Yesterday, a flurry of details was released regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone trade-in program, a sales initiative in partnership with the recycling firm BrightStar aimed at boosting iPhone sales and upgrades at company-run retail outlets across the United States. Sources stepped forward today, offering new details concerning the official name, availability, launch date and terms and conditions.

As suspected all along, the trade-ins will be handled through Apple's existing Reuse and Recycle Program, which has been available for quite some time. Furthermore, the same program will serve as Apple’s new in-store recycling program.

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