New ‘That’s iPhone’ ads cover iMessage encryption, recycling and privacy in App Store

A trio of fresh 15-second video advertisements from the “That’s iPhone” campaign were posted yesterday to Apple’s YouTube channel in Australia, focusing on iMessage encryption, Apple’s material recycling efforts and privacy in App Store.

And here they are.

App Store privacy

“Every app is reviewed to help keep malware out of App Store,” reads the description.

CNBC last week provided a rare inside look at an Executive Review Board at Apple that determines an app’s fate and makes the final call whether it can stay on the store.

iMessage encryption

“iMessage encrypts and protects your conversations,” Apple writes. “Because privacy matters.”

Under the leadership of Tim Cook, privacy has become one of the core tenets of Apple and its ecosystem. Unlike other tech giants that are only now beginning to realize the advantages of protecting user privacy, Apple has been banging that drum long before Facebook’s privacy woes had the general public take notice.

iMessage has supported end-to-end encryption from day one.

Material recycling

“Apple recycles even the tiniest parts of the iPhone. Like up to 0.83 grams of tungsten.”

EnouhProject ranked Apple the world leader in making significant progress in sourcing conflict-free” minerals from Congo. The iPhone maker’s head of environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, said two and a half years ago that the Cupertino firm is “working like gangbusters” to make devices from 100% recycled materials like aluminum, copper, tin and tungsten.

Apple in 2017 pledged to stop mining the earth altogether.