Apple expands in-store trade-ins to include iPads

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Apple’s in-store Reuse & Recycling program in the United States and Canada is now available to iPad owners, too, according to a new report Tuesday.

If you have a used iPad lying around that needs getting rid of, take it to a nearby Apple Store and the company will give you a store credit, depending on its model, condition, age, physical appearance and other factors.

Apple uses a list of 22 criteria to evaluate if your device is eligible for trade. Devices that won’t power on, have smashed screens, are jailbroken or use non-Apple parts won’t be considered for a credit…

This is an extension of Apple’s ongoing in-store Reuse & Recycling initiative that up until today used to include only iPhones and Macs.

Dan DeSilva has more:

Also new, Apple will now allow iPhone or iPad trade-in credit to be used on cross products. That means you can trade-in an eligible iPhone and use that credit towards the purchase of a new iPad. Previously, iPhone trade-in credit could only be used to buy a new iPhone.

Other places such as Gazelle typically offer better deals than Apple so please do your research before turning in your used device with Apple.

Just yesterday, Apple started offering free recycling of all its devices, completely free of charge, in all of its retail outlets around the world.

These latest strides are part of a new ‘Better’ campaign designed to highlight the great lengths Apple goes to preserve the environment and “leave the world better than we found it.”