Let’s Talk iOS 282: ‘Time to spend’ alert

If AR is the next big frontier for Apple, Sebastien is not quite convinced he’s seen compelling use cases for this new technology yet. The two also talk about the rumors of an Apple credit card, and what this could mean for the company. Finally, Cody and Sebastien revisit their HomePod usage after a year.

Let’s Talk iOS 280: Feel the fold

As Apple reportedly plans universal iOS/macOS apps for 2021, Cody and Sebastien have a great conversation about the difference between merger and unification of macOS and iOS. The two also talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the new s10 lines of smartphones, and HomePod.

Let’s Talk iOS 278: A quick fix

Cody and Sebastien talk about Angela Ahrendts’ upcoming departure from Apple. Did she leave on her own terms? Did she get fired? It doesn’t matter! This is a good opportunity to discuss the current state of an experience at the Apple Store. This, and also the latest AirPods rumors!