HP Was Testing webOS On An iPad, And It Ran as a Web App

In a recent report from The Next Web, it's unveiled that HP tested webOS on the iPad. Yesterday, HP announced that it would be killing the webOS platform.

HP tested webOS as a web app on the iPad. In HP's testing, webOS ran up to twice as fast on the iPad than it did on the TouchPad. HP tested webOS on the iPad because it believed that its current hardware was too slow for the webOS platform...

iOS 5 to Have Deep Integration with Voice Search

We recently told you about the rumor that Apple won't unveil iOS 5 until later this fall. Apple announced the details about this year's WWDC event, and multiple sources are claiming that we won't see any hardware announcements from Apple this summer.

On the iOS 5 front, rumors suggest that Apple will be heavily integrating voice commands into the next major iteration of iOS. The focus looks to be on voice search, considering Apple bought a little voice search company called Siri one year ago...

Simulate Android and Windows Phone 7 on the iPhone With OSFaker

A genius jailbreak app called "OSFaker" allows you to replicate the Android and Windows Phone 7 OS on the iPhone. That's right, now you can easily show off your iPhone's chameleon abilities to your awestruck friends.

OSFaker isn't a complete OS simulator by any means, but it still gives you a nice taste of what Android and Windows Phone 7 feel like. Let's take a closer look...

Apple’s iOS Gets Cloned onto an HTC Device

iOS is a wonderful operating system in my opinion. That doesn't mean I think that other phones should necessarily run the Apple created software. Apparently a certain HTC owner didn't think the same because it appears that the OS has been successfully been morphed over another platform.

9 to 5 Mac has the story and it appears the device runs the operating system like an iPhone 3G running 4.0.

Apple’s iOS is the 3rd Most Popular Internet Platform

Have you ever wondered how popular iOS devices are amongst internet plaforms? Well you can stop wondering because Computer World has the details that show Apple's operating system is currently 3rd amongst all platforms.

iOS devices of course include the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad tallied up as 1.1% of all hardware that used the internet. They ousted Linux with that number which fell for the second straight month to 0.85%. Windows took first place with Mac OS coming in 2nd.

Apple to Unveil iPhone OS 4.0 On Thursday

Engadget got words that Apple announced an iPhone 4.0 event that will be held on Thursday where the company will give a "sneak peak into the future of iPhone OS".

A few months ago, I wrote about 28 features I would like to see in OS 4.0 and I'm pretty sure the big news of the event will be around:

multitasking theming ability to save attachments unified inbox better iPod library management and more...

These are just a few of my predictions. We'll see how much I'm right/wrong. I'll be staying up late here in Vietnam so I can give you a run down of the new OS as soon as it is unveiled.

In the meantime, tell us what you would like to see in iPhone OS 4.0.

iPhone OS 3.1.3 is Out. Jailbreakers Beware!

Apple released iPhone OS 3.1.3 just a few hours ago and it it is now available for download directly from iTunes or from our iPhone downloads page.

This is a very minor update, and to be honest, it's almost deceiving. If I had to give my opinion on this, I'd say that Apple released firmware 3.1.3 just to piss off the Dev Team, who released RedSn0w 3.1.2 jailbreak just days ago.

The "fixes and improvements" for iPhone OS 3.1.3 are as follow:

improves accuracy of reported battery level on iPhone 3GS resolves issue where 3rd party apps would not launch in some instances fixes bug that may cause an app to crash when using the Japanese Kana keyboard

Additionally, Apple has updated the baseband from version 5.11.07 to 5.12.01 on the iPhone.

As usual when a new firmware update is released, it is recommended for jailbreakers and unlockers alike not to update their device. If you update to 3.1.3, you will lose your jailbreak and/or unlock.

More info will follow as it comes. For up-to-date news about jailbreaking, make sure to read our iPhone jailbreak section.

iPhone to Me: Update Me, Goddam It!

It seems that having an iPhone still running on OS 3.0 is getting more and more complicated. I've managed to avoid updating to the latest firmware for several reasons but it's now catching up with me.

There are several applications I wanted to install from the App Store but it didn't allow me to because it required at least firmware 3.1.

I haven't updated since 3.0 because I didn't want to lose my jailbreak/unlock. I realize that I could just use a custom cooked 3.1.2 firmware or even use BlackRa1n but I won't for 3 reasons.

I don't want to use BlackRa1n. It reportedly sucks. Many were successful with it, but it seems even more people were having issues. I don't want to use a cooked firmware right now because I am currently traveling around the world with a small netbook and I really don't have the time for that. I believe iPhone OS 3.1.3 will be available in a month or so and I might just wait for the Dev Team to come up with a jailbreak/unlock for it and update at this time.

I tried installing FWchanger again to fake my firmware version but it doesn't work very well, and it even messed up a few things on my iPhone. I guess I'll have to live without these apps I wanted to install...

What firmware are you on?

28 Features We Want to See in the New iPhone

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about some of the features the iPhone is still missing. Today I'd like to take this a bit further and come up with a comprehensive list of features we (you and I) want to see in the next iPhone.

Here is my list (note that it is in no specific order). Please share in the comments what features you want in the next iPhone.

Ability to save attachments Running apps in the background A physical keyboard A better battery A removabale battery Multiple carriers Bluetooth support Flash Front facing camera A 7MP camera Camera flash A louder speaker OLED screen Radio tuner iChat support IR chip for using it as a remote Pedometer Show SMS character count Custom sounds for SMS and email Themes Categories or folders Unified inbox view Hide/delete native apps Spell checker Quick scroll Action Menu Better iPod songs management (ie. sorting) Built in bottle opener

What other features would you add?

iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 4.0 Into The Wild

According to what Boy Genius Report found in their logs, it seems that Apple has been field testing 2 new iPhone OS.

The first one is iPhone OS 3.1.3, which should be made available pretty soon. I don't think any major features will come with 3.1.3 and the usual "bug fixes" are expected.

The second and most important is the discovery of iPhone OS 4.0. We won't see iPhone OS 4.0 until the new iPhone comes out sometimes in June or July next year but it's interesting to see that Apple is already working on it. I guess these iPhone 4G rumors are not rumors anymore...

I looked at my logs and couldn't find any track of an iPhone OS 4.0. I guess Apple engineers aren't reading this blog ;)


Unlock iPhone 3.1.2

With every new firmware comes a new unlock. Once again, it only took the Dev Team a few days to release an update to their PwnageTool and UltraSn0w to bring a safe and reliable iPhone 3.1.2 unlock.

This article is a summary of the different options you have to unlock your iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS running 3.1.2.

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2G 3.1.2 Using PwnageTool

A few weeks ago, I wrote a step-by-step guide and tutorial that shows you how to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 2G 3.1 using PwnageTool for Mac OS X. I could very well rewrite this tutorial again and call it "jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 2G 3.1.2 with PwnageTool" but that would be a waste of time as the steps are identical.

I suggest you check out this tutorial and follow the steps over there. The only thing that will change is that instead of using the firmware 3.1, you will have to use firmware 3.1.2 (iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw). Everything else is exactly the same.