28 Features We Want to See in the New iPhone

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about some of the features the iPhone is still missing. Today I’d like to take this a bit further and come up with a comprehensive list of features we (you and I) want to see in the next iPhone.

Here is my list (note that it is in no specific order). Please share in the comments what features you want in the next iPhone.

  1. Ability to save attachments
  2. Running apps in the background
  3. A physical keyboard
  4. A better battery
  5. A removabale battery
  6. Multiple carriers
  7. Bluetooth support
  8. Flash
  9. Front facing camera
  10. A 7MP camera
  11. Camera flash
  12. A louder speaker
  13. OLED screen
  14. Radio tuner
  15. iChat support
  16. IR chip for using it as a remote
  17. Pedometer
  18. Show SMS character count
  19. Custom sounds for SMS and email
  20. Themes
  21. Categories or folders
  22. Unified inbox view
  23. Hide/delete native apps
  24. Spell checker
  25. Quick scroll
  26. Action Menu
  27. Better iPod songs management (ie. sorting)
  28. Built in bottle opener

What other features would you add?