Apple’s iOS is the 3rd Most Popular Internet Platform

Have you ever wondered how popular iOS devices are amongst internet plaforms? Well you can stop wondering because Computer World has the details that show Apple’s operating system is currently 3rd amongst all platforms.

iOS devices of course include the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad tallied up as 1.1% of all hardware that used the internet. They ousted Linux with that number which fell for the second straight month to 0.85%. Windows took first place with Mac OS coming in 2nd.

Another stat to think about is the fact that iOS devices ranked 6 times higher than those running Android. Considering the number of devices running Google‘s OS I’d think that Apple has to be pretty proud of that number, as well as knowing their relatively new platform has ousted a dinosaur like Linux.

At the event on Wednesday, Steve Jobs cited that 230,000 iOS units are being activated each day. He also mentioned that over 120 million units are said to have been sold since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007.

It’s a great time to be an Apple fan. Owning 2 of the 3 top spots as it relates to internet platforms is a hard number to knock. The takeover is well underway and I can only suggest that those who are set on criticizing Cupertino should get on board or get out of the way. Are you surprised by these numbers? Let us know your opinions relating to iOS drastically outselling their competitors.