The iPad mini includes 4GB of RAM; ninth-generation iPad has 3GB

Hot on the heels of finding out just how much RAM the new iPhone 13 lineup has, we now know how much is tucked inside the newest iPad models, too. Of course, this isn't official, as Apple isn't going out of its way --as usual-- to tell anyone just how much RAM is in these products. But, considering the source, it's all but confirmed.

California streaming no more: You’ve read about the latest Apple shiny, now watch all the new ads

A still image taken from Apple's iPhone 13 Pro introduction video on YouTube, showing a closeup of two crew members shooting a winter scene using a tripod for the handset

Apple's virtually-held September 14 event under the tagline “California Streaming” revealed updates to the iPhone lineup, Apple's bread and butter, in addition to the sixth-generation iPad mini and Apple Watch Series 7. If you're not caught up yet, it might be a great idea to watch the new ads first to familiarize yourself with Apple's talking points before diving deeper.

Tech specs for iPad mini (2021)

Apple's busy day of California Streaming included a couple of different instances of shooting down some rumors. That included those attached to the iPad mini. At least, as far as a release date is concerned. Most of the rumors regarding the design were right on cue, though.