iTunes Radio could expand to The Netherlands

Based on a pair of screenshots of the iOS 7 Music app shared on Twitter, it seems that The Netherlands has made it on Apple’s list of upcoming iTunes Radio markets in Europe as one Dutch user reports the Radio tab randomly appearing and disappearing on his device.

Last we heard, Apple was gearing up to expand the service to the United Kingdom following a meeting its iAd director had with London-based ad agencies.

The Cupertino company even banned London-based iTunes Radio rival, a service called, from its iAd advertising network…

First Steve Jobs Schools open in Netherlands with iPad focus

A month after the educational concept of schools based on the iPad was first unveiled, the first seven ‘Steve JobsSchools’ have opened in the Netherlands. The Apple iPad is central to the groundbreaking educational effort, creating a “virtual school” with standard iOS apps tailored to meet the needs of students, parents and teachers.

While two of the schools expect to see the iPad replace text books, school schedules and traditional courses for all grades, the majority will initially start with early learners, according to the foundation promoting the effort…

Netherlands ‘Steve Jobs Schools’ to heavily use iPads in classrooms

Nearly a dozen schools will open in August in the Netherlands, the educational day centered around the products produced by the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In what creators call ‘Steve Jobs schools,’ children 4-12 years old will use iPads in place of textbooks and the role of teacher is turned into a ‘learning coach,’ according to a German magazine.

These concept schools also replace the usual structured classroom with learning tied to students’s individual learning pace. Still, educators insists children in the schools won’t always be in front of screens, allowing kids to be kids…

2-step Apple ID verification rolls out in more countries

Following a major security vulnerability that let attackers reset your Apple ID password using only your email address and date of birth, Apple responded in March by fixing the iForgot hole and bolstering Apple ID account security with an optional new two-step verification process for Apple ID accounts in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Today, the company has started to roll out the feature to nearly a dozen additional countries, including Canada, Russia and Brazil…