Dedicated Apple Support app soft-launches in the Netherlands

Apple Support 1.0 for iOS iPHone screenshot 001

A year ago, screenshots and information leaked concerning Apple’s dedicated iPhone app designed to consolidate users’ support, repair and troubleshooting needs in the palm of their hand. Last evening, a brand new Apple Support app launched on the App Store in The Netherlands ahead of its presumed staggered rollout around the world.

With it, owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices can explore their support options, schedule repair appointments, manage AppleCare services and more.

“Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple,” writes Apple in release notes accompanying the 95.2-megabyte download.

The app also provides another way to find answers with support articles tailored to a user’s products and questions, with the ability to call, chat or email with an expert right away, book an appointment with a Genius at your nearby Apple Store and more.

The app lists all of the devices registered to your Apple ID, giving you a range of pre-defined common problems for each device type.

For the most part, the app provides the same options as Apple’s dedicated Support website. At any rate, it’s nice that users now have Apple’s support options readily available within a native iOS app.

Grab Apple Support for free from the Dutch App Store.