HTML5 Tests Show Mobile Safari Much Faster in iOS 5

Mobile Safari has received some major updates in iOS 5. We’ve seen new features added like private browsing and Reading List. On top of that, the mobile browser now allows web apps to utilize the Nitro engine, which greatly improves the web app experience.

Multiple sites are reporting that Apple has also improved Mobile Safari’s overall performance in the new firmware. We confirm the speculation by running an HTML5 speed test with an iPad on iOS 5. Just how fast is Apple’s mobile browser?

Apple Reaches Deal with China Mobile for an LTE iPhone

If you have more invested in Apple than just what you paid for your MacBook, you’ve probably already heard the news. MarketWatch is reporting that China Mobile has reached an agreement with Apple regarding a future iPhone on their network.

China Mobile is home to over 600 million customers and has yet to offer Apple’s smartphone. It seems though, that chairman Wang Jianzho doesn’t expect that to be the case much longer…

I Am The iPhone Killer! [Infographic]

The iPhone has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the smartphone market since its release in 2007. The idea of a large, touchscreen-based phone wasn’t that popular before the original iPhone, and the general design of mobile handsets has drastically altered since Apple set the bar in the mobile space years ago.

Plenty of iPhone “killers” have come and gone. Devices with copied features and designs can never really hold weight next to the original.

This clever little cartoon/infographic depicts what happens when the iPhone killers meet…