FullSafari brings iPad-like tabbed browsing to iPhone

There's a significant difference in usability between the tabbed browsing experience in Safari on the iPad versus the paged browsing experience in Safari on the iPhone; with that in mind, some might prefer the former.

A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed FullSafari by iOS developer Bensge gives even iPhone and iPod touch users access to the iPad-like tabbed browsing experience in Safari, providing a more capable web browser in the palm of your hand.

Accessing Facebook in Safari can increase iPhone 6s Plus battery life by 15 percent

According to The Guardian's technology reporter Samuel Gibbs, uninstalling Facebook's battery draining iOS app and accessing the mobile Facebook interface through the Safari browser can boost an iPhone 6s Plus's battery life by as much as fifteen percent.

Gibbs cited his own testing, which has revealed that Facebook's mobile application continues to drain the life out of an iPhone's battery even when it isn’t being actively used.

Google reportedly working on a brand new messaging app to take on Facebook

As reported on by The Wall Street Journal two days ago, citing people familiar with the matter, the Internet giant Google is allegedly working on a brand new messaging app to take on the growing popularity of apps for keeping in touch, namely Facebook-owned Messenger and WhatsApp.

In addition to messaging capability, the app is said to put a big emphasis on so-called chatbots, smart personal assistants that will scour the web and other sources to answer a question.

Yahoo Mail 4.0 is out: revamped UI, smarter search, multiple mailboxes, rich compose & more

Yahoo today launched a thoroughly redesigned Mail app for the iPhone and iPad which brings out a number of interesting feature additions and enhancements.

The new, much-improved Yahoo Mail 4.0 features password-free sign-in, way smarter search, contacts management, rich compose, the ability to use multiple mailboxes from services such as, Hotmail and AOL Mail, to name just a few.

Google accelerates mobile pages

Google has been working with a small group of publishers for weeks on news articles that load almost instantaneously on smartphones, doing away with long loading times that eat up your battery and consume resources.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project went live today with mobile-optimized content from more than two-dozen participating publishers. These stories are searchable via mobile Google Search like regular searches.

Upon tapping on a link in Google search results, these article appears on your iPhone's screen almost immediately, like magic. It's a really cool glimpse of what mobile web should have been from the onset and we have a few examples you can check out yourself right now.

Apple overtakes Samsung as China’s top mobile brand in awareness and loyalty

Zooming past its biggest rival Samsung, Apple has officially emerged as China's #1 mobile brand in both awareness and loyalty, according to the latest consumer survey conducted by the China Brand Research Center’s.

The research firm's 2014 China Brand Power Index polled a whopping 13,500 Chinese across 30 cities, aged 15 to 60, from August 2013 to January 2014.

According to CNET, Samsung's focus on market share rather than customer satisfaction and loyalty has contributed to its fall from the top spot it had previously held in China since 2012.

Facebook testing Graph Search on mobile with ability to resurface old content by keyword

The social networking behemoth, Facebook, in a bid to help folks resurface content that may otherwise be buried is reportedly testing a new feature that would let people using its mobile apps search through old posts from friends by keyword, Bloomberg reported Friday.

There's no word on when Facebook's 1+ billion users who predominantly access the service on smartphones and tablets can expect to use Graph Search on mobile, though the report makes it clear the feature's been in closed testing for quite some time now.