Apple posts new iAd promo video flaunting Land Rover’s success

Apple’s iAd platform got off to a rocky start back in 2010, and has struggled to impress advertisers ever since. It’s tried slashing ad prices, and upping developer revenue share, but it still feels like an afterthought to other avenues.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a viable option. And to prove that, Apple just posted a new promotional video for its iAd service, touting the success seen by luxury auto-maker Land Rover, as it’s utilized iAd in a new campaign…


Land Rover has seen some impressive results with its iAd experiment, noting an average engagement time of 80 seconds (compared to a 30 second commercial) for each ad. They’ve also apparently been nominated for a coveted Cannes Lions award.

As seen in the video above, Land Rover America’s communications director Ken Bracht attributes its success with iAd to its engaging experience:

“There is a difference between someone sitting on their couch absorbing that 30-second television ad and someone actually engaged in their iPhone or their iPad…

…There’s definitely a higher attentiveness with something like an iAd as opposed to a television ad.”

It’ll be interesting to see if this new clip will help Apple lure other big-named advertisers to its platform. Mobile advertising is a huge industry, generating an estimated $2.5 in revenue last year in the US alone. And as of now, Google has 70% of the market.

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