HTML5 Tests Show Mobile Safari Much Faster in iOS 5

Mobile Safari has received some major updates in iOS 5. We’ve seen new features added like private browsing and Reading List. On top of that, the mobile browser now allows web apps to utilize the Nitro engine, which greatly improves the web app experience.

Multiple sites are reporting that Apple has also improved Mobile Safari’s overall performance in the new firmware. We confirm the speculation by running an HTML5 speed test with an iPad on iOS 5. Just how fast is Apple’s mobile browser?

The new Mobile Safari rendered the HTML5 content at 33 FPS (frames per second), which is a huge improvement over a few months ago. Back in April the iOS browser finished dead last in a similar test behind Android and Microsoft offerings. But the new scores put Mobile Safari back on top.

AppleInsider explains that the speed increase could be the result of Apple implementing full HTML5 hardware acceleration in Mobile Safari. Whatever the reason, the new browser certainly seems snappy.

What did your browser score? Do you think Mobile Safari is noticeably faster in iOS 5?