iOS 15.2 beta enables Communication Safety feature in Messages

Earlier this year, Apple debuted what it calls Expanded Protections for Children. It's a suite of features that are baked into Apple's software, including iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The goal is to help protect children from abuse, among other child safety endeavors. With the first iOS 15.2 beta hinted at one of the feature's return, it looks like that will indeed be happening with the public launch.

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Apple’s Communication Safety feature is back with the iOS 15.2 beta

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled a suite of new features it packaged in something it called Expanded Protections for Children. There were three new features total, but, at the time, one of them raised a lot of concerns regarding a potential breakdown of privacy. Following a lot of backlash and commentary, Apple decided to delay the features -- but it looks like one of them is making a comeback.