Keyboard Shortcuts

Articles about the keyboard shortcuts that are available on Apple devices.

Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox on Mac

MacBook backlit keyboard - Firefox keyboard shortcuts

If your browser of choice on Mac is Firefox or you use it in addition to Safari, then there’s no better way to zip around the web than with keyboard shortcuts.

This list of keyboard shortcuts for Firefox don’t just work on Mac either. So if you have a Windows computer at work and a Mac at home, for instance, remembering these shortcuts can help you on both.

Keyboard shortcuts for Maps on Mac

MacBook keyboard and maps

If you use the Maps app on your Mac for looking around areas or traveling the world from your desk, keyboard shortcuts can help you do things quicker and easier.

Similar to the list of keyboard shortcuts for the Mac App Store, there aren’t a lot of them. But there certainly are some to help you navigate Maps on Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for the TV app on Mac

MacBook keyboard - TV app keyboard shortcuts

With the TV app on your Mac, you have some great options for watching a good show or movie without having to turn on your television. And you can watch what you want on your own time, without tons of commercial breaks, and pause anytime to grab a bowl of popcorn.

So if you’re on the couch or in bed with your Mac, browsing the TV app for a show or getting ready to play one you’ve found, make sure you know these handy keyboard shortcuts for moving around the app quicker.

Keyboard shortcuts for Books on Mac

iMac Apple keyboard - Books keyboard shortcuts

If you enjoy reading with the Books app on your Mac, then keyboard shortcuts and gestures are great tools. They let you move around the app easier or continue reading your books without trying to take action with the menu bar.

For a simpler way to use Books on Mac, check out this list of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Calendar on Mac

iMac keyboard iPad Calendar - Calendar keyboard shortcuts

The Calendar app is another handy tool to have on your Mac. And with it, comes a list of helpful keyboard shortcuts.

For changing the view, jumping to a day, week, or month, and creating or editing events quickly, check out these keyboard shortcuts for Calendar on Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for Reminders on Mac

iMac keyboard - Reminders keyboard shortcuts

Like your other Mac apps, Reminders offers a collection of keyboard shortcuts that let you zip around the app and get things done faster.

While Reminders may not have as many shortcuts as other apps like Mail or Notes, this may actually be a good thing because you can remember them easier.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use in Reminders on Mac.

How to control and navigate your iPad using just a physical keyboard

The iPadOS 13.4 software brought a truly valuable feature, full iPad keyboard navigation which makes it possible to control iPad with a physical keyboard, no screen touching required whatsoever. It's yet another productivity improvement in iPadOS which turns your Apple tablet into a productivity powerhouse. Follow along with us to learn how to use iPad keyboard navigation to do things like navigate the iPad user interface, toggle buttons, scroll lists, use iOS features such as the Control or Notification Center, launch shortcuts and much, much more.

Keyboard shortcuts for Terminal on Mac

iMac keyboard - Terminal keyboard shortcuts

If you use Terminal on your Mac for taking care of tasks with commands, then using keyboard shortcuts is a great way to do things quicker. From working with the window and tabs to editing commands to selecting and finding text, here’s a big list of keyboard shortcuts to help you zip around in Terminal.

List of keyboard shortcuts for the Photos app on Mac

iMac keyboard - Photos keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts give you quick and easy ways to navigate your Mac and apps. And for those who use the Photos app on Mac, there are plenty of shortcuts that help you accomplish many tasks.

From viewing photos and albums to cropping and rotating pictures, here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts for Photos on Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for Messages on Mac

iMac keyboard - Messages keyboard shortcuts

Who doesn’t love keyboard shortcuts? Assuming you can remember them, these handy little shortcuts let you do all sorts of things without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

We’ve assembled a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use for the Messages app on your Mac. So, bookmark this page and get ready to maneuver your messages like a pro.