iTunes Movie Trailers

Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer hits iTunes and YouTube, watch it now

The official teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens on Black Friday made its debut on iTunes. Lucas film yesterday tweeted that the trailer will hit iTunes after initially saying that it would only be shown in 30 movie theaters across the U.S. Disney in October 2012 acquired Lucasfilm in a transaction valued at a whopping $4 billion.

The acquisition brought Lucasfilm under Disney's fold and gave the Mickey Mouse house rights to further develop the Star Wars franchise and film new movies in the series in co-operation with George Lucas. The trailer has also hit YouTube and we've embedded it for your viewing pleasure right after the break.

Apple updates iTunes Movie Trailers with notifications, AirDrop support and more

Apple has posted an update for its iTunes Movie Trailers iOS client this afternoon, bringing the app to version 1.4. The app is universal, supporting both the iPhone and iPad, and provides mobile access to trailers reviews and more for new and upcoming films.

Today's update brings about a handful of useful features including the option to be notified when a movie you have marked as a favorite debuts in theaters or pops up in the iTunes Store. You can also now read critic reviews in-app, and share links via AirDrop...

Apple updates Trailers, Podcasts and Find My iPhone apps for iOS 7

Earlier today, Apple announced that it would be updating 20 of its apps for iOS and Mac. We've already covered a number of these updates, including those for the iWork and iLife suites, and now it's time for some iOS-specific apps.

Trailers, Podcasts, and Find My iPhone have each been updated for iOS 7. They have all been redesigned to match the new iOS with flatter UI elements and thinner fonts, and we have screenshots and download links after the fold...

TodoMovies is the first app to utilize modern Motion Posters

I recently gave TodoMovies 2.0 the full review treatment and found it to be an amazing app for movie lovers. It is a perfect way to keep track of old movies, in theater movies, and upcoming movies while building your watch list for the road.

Adding to the excellence, the app recently posted a very hefty update, further building appeal. TodoMovies is now the first app to implement Motion Posters. "What is that," you are certainly asking yourself, at least I did. Follow me past the fold for a video preview...

Apple updates iTunes Movie Trailers with Fandango integration and improved playback

Apple hasn't done much with iTunes Movie Trailers since it released it in late 2011. The app, much like Flickster, offers up movie previews, reviews, showtimes, and other useful information regarding feature films.

Today, however, it broke its silence and posted a significant update for Trailers. The release, which brings the app to version 1.2.3, includes several improvements like Fandango integration, better playback, and more...

Keep track of movies you want to watch with TodoMovies

The summer blockbuster movie season is upon us. Well, maybe in a couple more weeks, but I'm going to give Oblivion credit for starting things off this summer. Here is the problem, I didn't even know when Oblivion released. Sure, I could use the iTunes Movie Trailers app to watch the trailer, and even see the release date. But, what I cannot do, is set a reminder.

Thanks to the guys at TapHive, the newly updated and beautifully designed TodoMovies app solves problems caused by my memory deficient brain. TodoMovies helps discover new, upcoming, and past movies, while providing an elegant way to create a watch list and set release reminders.

After using TodoMovies for a while, I am thoroughly impressed. Not many dev teams are able to adequately combine beauty and useful function. Thankfully, TapHive knows how to produce useful content in a nice package...

Apple updates iLife, iWork and other iOS utils

With today's release of iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2, Apple has updated its Podcasts app with support for iCloud subscription syncing. Just a few minutes later, updates to Apple's other apps went live in iTunes, including iLife and iWork apps and utils like Find My Friends, Remote, AirPort Utility and more. With so many third-party apps being updated for iOS 6 support as we speak, you may want to prioritize your downloads. Here's what's new in Apple's own updated apps for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad...