Apple has erected a giant rainbow-colored stage in the middle of the Apple Park ring

We used to rely on creativity and technical chops of drone pilots like Duncan Sinfield to visualize progress at the Apple Park site during its multi-year construction phase. Now that the facility is complete there's no more need for drone videos—however, Duncan yesterday published an interesting flyover of the massive headquarters showing a new event stage erected in the center of the ring-shaped building with a rainbow arch and multiple lights.

Apple Park visitor center taking shape, historic barn reassembled & more

Aerial videographer Matthew Roberts posted new birds-eye footage of the upcoming Apple Park corporate campus, showing that a visitor center is slowly but surely takin shape.

The historic Glendenning Barn that the company dismembered plank by plank has now been fully reassembled (it's adjacent to a 100,000-square-foot gym for employees).

Among other highlights: a closer look at the 1,000-seat underground Steve Jobs Theater where Apple will host future press and corporate events, additional trees being planted and more.

As for the visitor center, it will include an Apple Store and a cafe open to the public.

As you can see for yourself, a pond inside the ring-shaped structure looks nearly complete. If the large sheet is an indication, Apple may soon fill the pond with water.

Landscaping work will continue for a few months after the offices inside the main building have been completed. Since April, employees have been gradually moving into Apple Park.

Apple Park sunset footage shows entrance to Steve Jobs Theater with its lobby lights on

Drone pilot Duncan Sinfield last Saturday published new aerial footage of the 175-acre Apple Park site on his YouTube channel, offering a glimpse at the entrance into the Steve Jobs Theater with its lobby light on.

“Opening day is getting closer at Apple Park, landscaping and road-striping are not the only things wrapping up,” reads the video's description.

Located atop a hill at one of the highest points of the upcoming campus, the Steve Jobs Theater sports the world's largest freestanding carbon-fiber rooftop.

Featuring glass staircase spiraling downward to an underground 1,000-people auditorium, the Theater will be used for corporate meetings and Apple media events, meaning the unveiling of iPhone 8 will most likely take place there.

“Steve’s vision for Apple stretched far beyond his time with us. He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come,” said Tim Cook in April.

The video revels significant progress being continually made on the main ring-shaped building, offering a nice look at the main atrium with its floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

Landscaping work will continue for a few months after offices in the main ring-shaped building are completed. Since April, employees have been gradually moving into Apple Park.