New drone update proves Apple’s new headquarters are coming along nicely

Two weeks after drone pilot Matthew Roberts released his birds-eye video of Apple’s massive new headquarters, fellow aerial videographer Duncan Sinfield is out with an update of his own.

Running nearly three minutes long, Duncan’s video shows off the nearly completed doughnut-shaped building in all its glory with huge solar installations covering the whole roof. You can clearly see the structure’s massive glass doors and a nice courtyard and a pond in the center.

Many supporting structures scattered around the site are coming along nicely, too. There’s a visible progression in the number of trees and other pieces of greenery planted within the main building itself, as well as on its circular courtyard and elsewhere on the new campus.

Other video highlights worth mentioning include Apple’s visitor center across the street from the main building that opened last month, the completed research and development facilities, a 100,000 sq ft fitness center for employees and more.

The main Apple Park building is the largest naturally ventilated office building in the world that features what Apple calls the largest on-site solar energy installations in the world.