Apple Park Visitor Center grand opening scheduled for November 17

The Apple Park Visitor Center will officially open to the public next Friday, November 17, according to a “Hello” sign posted at the building that was shared on Twitter last evening.

Apple will offer a preview of the Visitor Center to Cupertino residents on November 16 from 3pm to 8pm as long as they bring a photo ID to prove they’re residents of Cupertino and neighboring areas. MacRumors was able to confirm that Apple sent an internal email to employees yesterday informing them of the upcoming event.

The Visitor Center features a gift shop that sells Apple-branded T-shirts, bags, hats and other exclusive merchandise. In addition to housing its own gift shop, it has Apple’s first-ever public cafe, an exhibit space, an outdoor seating area and indoor wooden tables.

It does not have a full Apple Store and will not stock devices like iPhone X.

Apple’s old Cupertino headquarters at One Infinite Loop include an employee store where visitors can buy regular Apple products and score some cool swag.

Have you been itching for a closer look at Apple’s new campus? Will you be there for grand opening of the Apple Park Visitor Center. If so, how about sending us some pictures?

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Apple Park Visitor Center photograph top of post via James Martin/CNET