Latest Apple Park flyover reveals newly paved walkway to Steve Jobs Theater

Drone pilot and videographer Matthew Roberts is back at it, having published his latest 4K flyover footage of Apple Park via his YouTube account this morning.

Captured in September, the video provides a close up of the newly paved walkway leading to the ground-level entrance into the Steve Jobs Theater, an underground 1,000-seat auditorium where future Apple press conferences and corporate events will be taking place.

His most recent footage also provides updated shots around the rest of the park as construction of Apple’s new headquarters wraps up.

Additional trees have been planted throughout the park since the last video update in July.

When finished, the park will have about 9,000 planted trees within the inner circle of the main ring-shaped building. The new campus will be home to about 12,000 employees, with Jony Ive and his design crew expected to take up residence on the top floor by the end of this year.