iPhone 5s

Selfy case kinda turns your iPhone into a GoPro

Where do I even begin talking about selfies? Everyone loves a good selfie. They are wildly popular across the world, even causing South Korea to ban "unregulated" selfie stick sales. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, and other forms of popular social media channels are completely filled with selfies. What caused our self obsession will never be explained, but the selfie is here to stay.

The selfie stick was one of the first hardware selfie assistants. I saw them around touristy places when I traveled, but didn't think much of them about a year ago. Now, they are increasingly popular and being utilized in everyday places. Several iterations of selfie-inspired accessories cropped up and iLuv is capitalizing on the fad. Launching "selfy," iLuv guarantees you will always have a quick way to snap a selfie and includes a laundry list of add-ons to assist.

Flir One case that gives your iPhone thermal imaging capabilities goes on pre-order

An accessory maker called Flir at CES back in January announced its novel case promising to give your iPhone true thermal-imaging capabilities.

Based on technology that was formerly reserved for the military, the Flir One case brings high-end thermal imaging to your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, giving the iconic smartphone Predator-like vision.

The case is coming to Apple retail stores in the United States, Canada and Europe in August and today the company has started accepting pre-orders...

Ultrakam lets you shoot film-like 2K video on iPhone 5s

As you know, the iPhone 5s's iSight camera can shoot full HD 1080p video (1,920-by-1,080 pixels) at 30 frames per second, as well as slow-motion clips at 120 frames per second at a reduced resolution of 1,280-by-720 pixels (720p). The back shooter can also take eight-megapixel stills at the image capture size of 3,264-by-2,448 pixels.

But what if the handset could take a series of stills in a rapid succession and stitch them together to form an ultra-resolution footage?

That's what Ultrakam, a novel iPhone application by Hassan Uriostegui, does for you. Available in the App Store for $6.99 for a limited time, the software brings 2K film resolution to your iPhone 5s at 30 and 20 frames per second.

It also includes a handy film-like 24 frames per second preset and can automatically smooth rack-focus during recording. Read on for the full reveal...

Good deal: 65% off 6-piece iPhone photography lens kit

If you're an avid iPhone photographer and find that the handset's tiny lens just isn't cutting it anymore, there are a number of add-on lens kits to choose from. Olloclip makes several, Sony makes one, and there are countless options from lesser-known brands.

These kits usually only contain a couple of lenses, but a company called Bazaared is taking things a step further with its Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit. It includes 5 lenses, a tripod and carrying case, and it's being heavily discounted right now over at Stack Social...

CES 2014: Flir One case brings true thermal imaging to your iPhone 5/5s

Avid iPhone photography fans are always on the lookout for new ways of improving their snaps and photography skills to give their work an added edge.

Pitched as the world's first private thermal imager, the Flir One case slides right onto your iPhone 5 and lets you "see the heat wherever you go".

It slides onto your iPhone like an ordinary protective case and displays the infrared world on its screen.

We're talking true thermal imaging here, not the kinds of fake infrared effects you see in many photography apps on the App Store...

iPhone 5s beats Nokia Lumia 1020 in camera shootout

You know how they say that sometimes more is less. Some also say that specs don't really matter anymore. Well, it all comes true in a camera shootout carried out by the folks at Laptop Mag between the Nokia Lumia 1020, and the iPhone 5s. For those who are still keeping track of specs out there, let's note that the Lumia 1020 comes with a whopping 41MP camera. Apparently that wasn't enough to beat the iPhone 5s 8MP camera though...

The iPhone 5s conclusively beat the Nokia Lumia 1020 in our photo face-off, taking seven out of 10 rounds–and tying one. Even after updating the Lumia 1020′s camera software, which reduced issues with the blue color cast on many images, colors were still more accurate on the iPhone. Apple’s device also excelled when delivering detail and contrast.

Review: iPhone 5s Slo-Mo video capture

Slo-Mo video capture is what all of the cool kids are doing these days, and if you happen to own a shiny new iPhone 5s, you can now join the fun.

The slow motion effect is the result of video that's captured at a very high frame rate, and then slowed down. This allows you to have video with reduced speed without any herky-jerkyness. The end result is a professional quality slow motion effect that you and your friends will love.

Check out these gorgeous photos taken with the new iPhone 5s

Apple likely disappointed spec-watchers everywhere when it announced today that it kept the camera on the iPhone 5s at 8-megapixels. This means that, on paper at least, the handset is inferior to those with 12, 13 and 41mp sensors.

But as you'll see in these sample photos, taken with an actual iPhone 5s, that's just not the case. With its five-element Apple-designed lens, F2.2 aperture and 15% larger active sensor area, the 5s will hold its own among the best of them...

Apple video lays out iPhone 5s camera advances

Usually, Apple's S-upgrades are big on camera improvements and the just-released iPhone 5s doesn't disappoint in this regard. Although past S-upgrades increased pixel count on the back camera sensor - the iPhone 4S, for instance, introduced an eight-megapixel iSight camera, up from five megapixels on the iPhone 4 - the iPhone 5s's back shooter remains stuck at eight megapixels.

But photography isn't just about megapixels so Apple worked to improve low-light performance and the overal quality of your snaps, as well as enable new features like the super-slow motion video capture at 120 frames per second (stemming from the two-times faster 64-bit A7 chip).

Cody has already laid out some of the crucial new camera capabilities and now Apple has posted a video which takes us through some of the technologies that make the iPhone 5s the best iPhone camera yet...

The iPhone 5s camera: F2.2 aperture, larger pixels, burst mode, Slo-Mo and more

As expected, the new iPhone 5s features a significantly upgraded rear-facing iSight camera. It has a new five-element Apple-designed lens with an F2.2 aperture and a 15% larger active sensor area. The pixels are larger too:—1.5 microns.

The camera software has also been largely improved. The Camera app now sets white balance, exposure, and creates a "dynamic local tone map" with "autofocus matrix metering" for 15 zones—all automatically. More details after the fold...

The iPhone 5S may incorporate dual-LED flash independently of camera lens

The not-entirely-accurate Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes back in June 2011 incorrectly reported that the then rumored iPhone 5 would incorporate dual-LED flash. That hasn't panned out, but the rumor lives on. Numerous reports and a purported backplate seemingly point to Apple adopting dual-LED flash on the iPhone 5S.

But unlike the standard implementations, Apple engineers may have chosen to incorporate the LED flash module completely independent from the camera lens, potentially reducing interference with the camera module...