iPhone 5s

Hidden code suggests the iPhone 5S could record video at 120FPS

We don't know much about the next-generation iPhone, which is Apple is expected to introduce later this year. It's believed to be an 'S' model, with a faster processor and other upgraded internals. Outside of that, however, we literally know nothing about the handset.

But if past 'S' iPhone releases are any indication, the iPhone 5S will surely offer at least one 'stand-out' feature. The 3GS had video recording, for example, and the 4S added Siri. So what will the 5S' killer feature be? A new report says it could be slow-motion video...

Alleged next-gen iPhone circuitboard part suggests optimized camera design

As WWDC 2013 draws near - and with supply chain increasingly pointing to Apple's procurement of components for production of a next-generation iPhone - small wonder various parts are now cropping up on the web. It's the very nature of the game: Apple just can't control each and every one of its suppliers in Taiwan and China, let alone their individual employees.

A Japanese parts retailer, which recently leaked a next-gen iPhone components, is back at it, having published Thursday an image believed to depict a motherboard component, presumably belonging to an upcoming iPhone refresh...

iPhone 5S could include 12MP camera with improved night shooting

Monday, a report out of Vietnam shed new light on an aspect of the next iPhone that hasn't received much attention yet: the camera subsystem. First piece of the puzzle points to Apple engineers upgrading photo quality by putting a notably higher-resolution camera module inside the iPhone 5S, one that features a thirteen megapixel CMOS sensor instead of "just" eight megapixels on the iPhone 5/4S.

The other tidbit mentions an improved night shooting feature as well as an enhanced HDR mode allowing for even higher intensity levels and more realistic colors when snapping up images in extreme lighting conditions such as direct sunlight or faint starlight...