iPhone 11 Pro

One in a million: Someone resold this iPhone 11 Pro with a misaligned Apple logo for $2,700

Photographs recently shared on Twitter show a fun little production mistake with one of the iPhone 11 Pro units exhibiting a misaligned Apple logo on the back of the device.


Images show an iPhone with a misaligned Apple logo. This is said to be an extremely rare misprint. It could be rarer than one in a million. Surprise, production mistakes do happen

Shared by Internal Archive on Twitter, the images show a single iPhone 11 Pro unit with an Apple logo on the back of the device at an angle rather than being centered. That's not the only production mistake because the logo is also too close to the right edge of the device.

This imprint is said to be extremely rare, the poster notes.


“I'd say one in a million or possibly even rarer,” they wrote. That's certainly a curious error to occur during production. When manufacturing issues with Apple gadgets do happen, they usually affect a certain batch of units made between very specific dates, not a single unit.

The original owner who bought the phone at an Apple Store was smart enough to keep it because the one-off mistake didn't stop someone from purchasing the unit for $2,700.