Apple’s latest Shot on iPhone short film promotes vertical cinema from director Damien Chazelle

What’s one way you can try to convince some folks that vertical cinema is maybe okay? You get a talented director to try and make it work.

And an iPhone or two might help, if Apple has anything to say about it. Recently, Apple uploaded a couple of videos to its official YouTube channel, one of which is the newest entry in the company’s long-running “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign. We’ve seen Apple debut plenty of short films over the years, as well as plenty of great photos taken with Apple’s smartphones. But this is the first time that Apple has showcased “vertical cinema”, so it makes sense they’d come out swinging.

The latest short film was directed by Damien Chazelle, best known for films like La La LandWhiplash, and First Man. It measures in at just over nine minutes in length, and Chazelle used an iPhone 11 Pro to capture the entire short film in the vertical aspect ratio. You can check out the newest Shot on iPhone entry below.

Going beyond that, Apple also uploaded a behind the scenes look at making Vertical Cinema for Shot on iPhone. We get to see how the short film was shot, and we learn that Chazelle used features within Apple’s most powerful iPhone like the ultra wide-angle lens, video stabilization, and extended dynamic range. Check out that bonus content below.

This probably won’t convert anyone who isn’t a fan of vertical cinema already, but it’s still a well-made short film. And, if anything, it shows that the vertical aspect ratio doesn’t have to be a bad thing right out of the gate. There’s a time and place for it, at least.

What do you think of the latest Shot on iPhone entry?