iOS 4.2

Tutorial: How to Install the New Cydia for iOS 4.2

Cydia was recently updated to support Apple's updated API's in iOS 4.2. This particular Cydia update was quite the major overhaul, and there is no option available (yet) within Cydia to update to the newest version automatically.

Besides iOS 4.2 support, there are several long-awaited improvements in this version of Cydia.

The most noticeable improvement in this update is a huge performance boost throughout the whole application. Everything is faster. Once Cydia does the initial restructuring and downloading after you first install the update, you should notice an immediate boost in speed as you navigate the app. That means less of the dreaded loading wheel and more of actually accomplishing what you want to do...

iOS 4.2 Improves iPhone and Carrier Efficiency with “Network Controlled Fast Dormancy”

With the recent release of iOS 4.2, Apple has joined efforts with Nokia to make smartphone carrier signaling more efficient. The Nokia Siemens Networks recently did a test to show that iOS 4.2 supports a relatively new and unadopted technology called "Network Controlled Fast Dormancy." That may sound like a mouthful, but what it actually means isn't that hard to understand.

Nokia already implemented this technology earlier this year, but Apple has been the first smartphone platform to support NCFD since Nokia. Based on Nokia and Apple's combined market share, Apple's adoption of this technology now puts NCFD-supported devices into the hands of more than half of the people buying new smartphones around the world...

New Tweak Allows AirPlay Streaming from Any iOS App

AirPlay just got the jailbreak treatment. AirPlay (one of Apple's new technologies in iOS 4.2) allows streaming video to be pushed from any iOS device to an Apple TV.

AirPlay is only intended to allow streaming from the iPod and YouTube app, but this new jailbreak tweak opens up AirPlay possibilities to any playable media on an iOS device...

iOS 4.3 Rumored to Have December Release

We've barely had time to get to know the newly released iOS 4.2, and there are already rumors circulating that iOS 4.3 will be released as soon as next month. In particular, two sources have weighed in on a possible iOS 4.3 release for the not so distant future.

The rumor mill began with some words from John Gruber about Rupert Murdoch's new, mobile-centric newspaper called "The Daily." Apparently, Murdoch has been forming a mobile-specific news publication under the umbrella of News Corp. This new publication is rumored to deliver news through a subscription system in Apple's App Store...

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Enables Direct Printing from iPhone [No AirPrint Required]

Recently I scored a new Canon Pixma MG5200 printer. One of the nice things about this printer is that it allows you to wirelessly print photos from your iPhone without the need for Apple's AirPrint functionality.

With options to queue up a seemingly unlimited amount of photos, this is a quick and dirty way to easily print from your iPhone. Check out the video inside as we show you how the process works.

The First iPhone Dedicated Printer

The "Bolle BP-10" is the world's first iPhone dedicated photo printer. You may be asking, "Why?" Well, with the release of iOS 4.2, AirPrint, and other options like Printopia, printing has become much more of a reality on iOS devices.

All available methods for printing from an iOS device rely on either another computer to serve the actual files, or a wireless printer. The "Bolle BP-10" lets you dock your iPhone and print directly. I could see iPhone-based printers like this one become a huge hit in the technology consumer market...

Download iOS 4.2 for iPhone Now [Jailbreakers Beware]

As we reported earlier today, iOS 4.2 for iPhone is now available for download. To get iOS 4.2 on your iPhone, simply make sure your have updated iTunes to the latest version available (version 10.1), then plug your iPhone in.

iTunes should tell you that a newer software is available for download and prompt you to update. If iTunes doesn't tell you anything, click "check for updates". If you still can't see anything, try again later as iOS 4.2 might not be available in your area just yet, as it takes time to propagate throughout the servers...

iOS 4.2 Available Today with Free Find My iPhone in Tow

Finally, it's here...almost.  According to a press release ushered in from Apple, the long awaited iOS 4.2 will be released today. Reports point to 10am PST as the time when the download will go live, so set your stopwatches.

The big winners here are iPad owners, who finally receive multitasking capabilities on their tablets. But iPhone owners have a lot to be happy about as well, with features like AirPlay, and AirPrint making their debut...

iPhone iOS 4.2 to Be Released on November 24?

iOS 4.2 is like the white iPhone 4. There are rumors about it, it's supposed to come out any time, but for some reason, it's never released. The rumors have gone wild lately about when iOS 4.2 will be released, and I haven't reported much of it here at iDB because to be honest with you, I think all these rumors were full of crap.

This being said, the new rumor coming from the Telegraph might be as reliable as a 1991 Ford Tempo, but I'd like to give it a chance and see what you guys think about it. According to the UK newspaper, iOS 4.2 will be released on November 27...

Apple Releases iTunes 10.1 [Jailbreakers Beware]

Apple just released iTunes 10.1, bringing AirPlay to the table. iTunes 10.1 will also be necessary to update your iPhone to iOS 4.2, whenever it's released.

So far there is no indication whether iTunes 10.1 is safe for iPhone jailbreak and unlock, so my advice to you is to stay away from it until we get confirmation from the Dev Team that it is indeed safe.

Here is the changelog of iTunes 10.1...

Cydia Ready to Go for iOS 4.2

Last week we gave you a quick preview of a page on the new Cydia. At the time, Chpwn, who's working with Saurik to update Cydia, said that this was all he had done so far. That wasn't much and to be honest, it was kinda disappointing.

The good folks at Redmond Pie found out on Twitter that Cydia might now be ready for iOS 4.2. According to a tweet from Chpwn, Cydia for iOS 4.2 is "in ready position"...