Download iOS 4.2 for iPhone Now [Jailbreakers Beware]

As we reported earlier today, iOS 4.2 for iPhone is now available for download. To get iOS 4.2 on your iPhone, simply make sure your have updated iTunes to the latest version available (version 10.1), then plug your iPhone in.

iTunes should tell you that a newer software is available for download and prompt you to update. If iTunes doesn’t tell you anything, click “check for updates”. If you still can’t see anything, try again later as iOS 4.2 might not be available in your area just yet, as it takes time to propagate throughout the servers…

iOS 4.2 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It comes with a few new features such as AirPrint, AirPlay, free Find My iPhone, and a few other features you can learn about here.

You can download iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from our downloads section.

Do Not Update If You Jailbreak or Unlock

As usual when a new software comes out, it is recommended that jailbreakers, especially unlockers, stay away from iOS 4.2. Updating right away will get you to lose your jailbreak, but most importantly, you might not be able to unlock for a while.

We don’t know yet when a new jailbreak and unlock will be available. This is the latest info we have on the matter. As soon as we know more about the jailbreak situation, we will let you know and we’ll have guides and tutorials up for you.

If you choose to update to iOS 4.2, please let us know what you think about the latest firmware.