iOS 11.1

iOS 11.1 release notes

October 31, 2017, Apple released iOS 11.1, its first major software update for the compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models following the initial iOS 11.0 release in September 2017.

How to get the iOS 11.1 emoji on your jailbroken device

favorite emoji

It beggars belief the number of times I've searched through the iOS keyboard looking for a sandwich emoji to send to my nearest and dearest; it's a big part of my life. And finally, I am to be catered for, quite literally. iOS 11.1 beta 2 serves up some tasty emoji additions.

If you're jailbroken on iOS 9 or 10, you will want to be able to send and view these newbies without losing your jailbreak, and you can. We'll walk you through the most stable method for bringing iOS 11.1 emoji to lower jailbroken firmwares.