Philips expands Hue smart lighting with new bulbs, fixtures and table lamps

Philips has expanded its Hue smart lighting family of HomeKit-compatible accessories with today's announcement of a brand new candle bulb alongside all-new fixtures and free-standing table lamps. All the new accessories support HomeKit, allowing users to control their lights with Siri on their iPhone or iPad.

The new 40W-equivalent Hue White Ambiance candle bulb provides “the perfect shade of white light for any moment”. It uses a smaller E12 base for fixtures like ceiling fans, chandeliers or decorative table lamps and can output light at up to 450 lumens of brightness.

The candle bulb joins the company's existing White Ambience family of lights, which includes the A19 bulb, GU10 spot light and BR30 downlight.

The newly announced products include:

$200 Philips Hue White Ambiance Being Flushmount $100 Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellner Table Lamp $100 Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp $30 Hue White Ambience Candle Bulb

The new Hue White Ambiance Wellner and Wellness table lamps both include a White Ambinece light bulb for capable of outputting light at 800 lumens. The new Hue White Ambiance Being Flushmount and Hue White Ambiance Fair fixture feature a built-in White Ambience bulb with light output at up to 3,000 lumens.

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The Fair fixture is available in flushmount, semi-flushmount and suspension styles for attaching to a ceiling.

Hue smart lights were designed to provide the white light needed to help you wake up and energize, concentrate, read, relax and go to sleep naturally.

Mark Cieri, Vice President and General Manager for Home Systems with Philips Lighting US, said:

To put it simply, consumers can have one light to support all of their daily activities. Think about all of the moments you enjoy in your kitchen. Select a cool daylight scene for your morning coffee to energize for the day ahead.

Help your child focus on their homework with a bright white light. Then, create a cozy ambiance for dinner under a warm light to wind down. With Philips Hue White Ambiance, you can personalize your lighting and truly feel at home.

Using HomeKit, Siri and the accompanying iOS app, users can create various hues of white light that can be dimmed or brightened throughout the day.

You can pre-order the new products via the Philips web store ahead of their arrival next month.

The new $30 candle bulb will be available for pre-order in June and launch in July.

New Philips Hue smart bulbs: fall asleep more peacefully with every shade of white light

Philips today announced it's expanded its Hue smart lighting system with a brand new light bulb that focuses on the many shades of white light in order to encourage better sleep cycles, helping you wake up naturally and drift to sleep more peacefully.

The Apple HomeKit-compatible, color-tunable bulb gives you 800 lumens at the color temperature range from 2,200k to 6,500k, imitating the changing daily brightness and color temperature of natural sunlight. Philips also offers a starter kit that includes a pair of white ambiance bulbs, a bridge and a dimmer switch.

Philips launches dimming kit for Hue wireless bulbs

Philips's 'Hue' programmable LED lights can now be controlled in a more traditional fashion with the new Hue Wireless Dimming Kit and white bulbs.

Announced this morning, the Dimming Kit allows you to adjust the brightness of up to ten white bulbs at the same time and can be installed directly on the wall or used as a remote control of sort for Hue lights.

The Hue Wireless Dimming Kit can be hooked up to Philips' existing Hue hardware via the company's Hue bridge accessory to control the standard Hue and Hue Lux lighting.

Philips to add HomeKit support to existing and new Hue lights this fall

Philips Hue, a personal wireless lighting system that we reviewed thoroughly, will get updated with support for Apple's home automation platform called HomeKit, the company confirmed Monday in a post on Facebook.

Upcoming Hue lights released this September and onwards will have built-in HomeKit support. Existing Hue lights will be upgraded with HomeKit compatibility through a free software update that will unlock new features for your existing Hue hardware, said the firm.

Philips expands iPhone-connected line with hue lux, tap and luminaires

Philips' iPhone-connected Hue lighting system has come a long way since we first reviewed it in 2012. The company has added a number of products to the lineup over the years, including LightStrips, Bloom bulbs, and bulbs for recessed lighting installs. And today, it's expanding the line even more.

This morning, Philips announced three new upcoming Hue products. The first is known as the 'hue lux,' a bulb that can only emit white light, the second is the 'hue tap,' which allows you to control the Hue system without the iPhone app, and the third is luminaires, a set of high-end 3D light fixtures...

Philips Hue updated for iOS 7, adds new features

Philips Hue, the pricey iPhone-controlled personal wireless lighting system, has captured Jeff's imagination with its ability to control lighting when away from the house, turn on lights when pulling into the driveway, set timers to adjust lighting at certain periods during the day, etc.

The companion Hue app, a free download from the App Store, allows you to easily control your Hue lighting through your iPhone with just a few setup steps.

The software was originally designed around a non-standard interface and today got refreshed for the iOS 7 look and feel while adding sidebar navigation, introduction demo and a few other nice-to-haves...

Philips adds new recessed light bulb to its iPhone-controlled Hue lineup

Philips has expanded its Hue line of iPhone-controlled lighting with a new bulb this week, called the BR30. Unlike previous Hue bulbs, the BR30 is designed to fit into recessed sockets to create the effect of light shining from a hole in the ceiling.

The BR30 bulbs are designed to fit the standard E27 screw base and deliver 600 lumens of light. And like other Hue bulbs, they provide a full range of color, except the light is delivered in a downward beam instead of being omnidirectional...

Philips to expand its Hue line with LightStrips and Bloom bulbs

We're huge fans of Philips' line of Hue lightbulbs here at iDB. The iPhone-controlled LED bulbs are completely customizable, allowing you to dynamically change the colors and lighting of a room via the easy-to-use companion app.

Currently, Hue offerings are limited to the $199 starter pack—which includes 3 LED bulbs and a Wi-Fi bridge—and additional 50W LED bulbs. But it looks like Philips is looking to expand the line with LightStrips and Bloom bulbs...

Philips opens API for Hue lightbulbs to third party devs

Good news for current and potential owners of Philips' app-controlled Hue lightbulbs. The company announced this weekend that there is now an official developer program for the popular LED light set.

This means that we can expect to see more innovative third party applications for the Hue system like Ambify, an iOS app released last week that syncs Philips' lightbulbs with the beat of your music...

Tales of a connected home: how iOS is changing modern living

I'm a huge proponent of using technology to make my life easier, especially around the home. Technology for the home has been around for quite some time in the form of home automation systems, lighting, and so forth. Unfortunately, such systems have been extremely pricey in the past, or overly confusing to setup and maintain.

Enter the smartphone.

Smartphones, and in particular the iPhone, have served as a great equalizer over the past few years. I can do things with my phone that I never would have dreamed of just a few years ago, and it gets better with each passing year.

Inside, I'll reflect on some of the cool things that I've been able to accomplish lately with my iPhone, along with videos and links to articles that cover the subjects more in-depth. Have a look...

Meet the Hue, an overpriced app-controlled lightbulb from Philips

How about a lightbulb that lets you personalize lighting settings and timers while you're out, just by using an app for your iPhone or iPad? That's what Philips set out to achieve with the Hue, "the world’s smartest LED bulb”, that it says consumes eighty percent less power than traditional bulbs. What's more, the Hue uses the open ZigBee Light Link standard, allowing it to be integrated with other ZigBee certified systems.

The free app for iOS and Android devices invites you to change settings, pick any color for any of your bulbs or group them together to create moody presets. You can also program your bulb to turn on and off at different times of day and more.

Conveniently, the Hue is set to hit Apple stores on an exclusive basis starting tomorrow, October 30. That Philips is in a rush to release this product with a little help from one of the world's most powerful brands actually speaks volume about the popular Lifx project which has already raised $1.3+ million on Kickstarter.

At any rate, the Hue doesn't come cheap, which is a real downer. Read on for additional details and a nice promo clip...