Philips launches dimming kit for Hue wireless bulbs

Philips Hue wireless dimming kit image 007

Philips’s ‘Hue’ programmable LED lights can now be controlled in a more traditional fashion with the new Hue Wireless Dimming Kit and white bulbs.

Announced this morning, the Dimming Kit allows you to adjust the brightness of up to ten white bulbs at the same time and can be installed directly on the wall or used as a remote control of sort for Hue lights.

The Hue Wireless Dimming Kit can be hooked up to Philips’ existing Hue hardware via the company’s Hue bridge accessory to control the standard Hue and Hue Lux lighting.

Hue Wireless Dimming Kit up close

Each kit comes with a Philips Hue white light bulb and a portable dimmer switch.

And with support for up to ten all-new white Hue bulbs and other Hue products, the remote allows you to control lighting for an entire room at once. The dimmer itself features four control buttons: on, off, brighter and darker.

Due to simple installation, anyone can fix the battery-powered dimmer to their wall using an included wall plate. Just screw in your bulb and press the dimmer switch to create your own personal dimmable glow. In addition to acting as a wall switch, the accessory can be taken out from its base plate to double as a remote control.

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“This means that you can now modernize your home lighting without the need to call an electrician or open up walls to access wiring,” said Philips.

With the Dimming Kit, the flickering and buzzing associated with traditional LED dimmers becomes a thing of the past. Philips said that the dimming kit offers “absolutely no flicker and perfect dimming until it is off.”

Philips Hue wireless dimming kit image 001

“The Philips Hue wireless dimming kit is the lightbulb moment that will spark the natural progression into the modern, connected home,” said Leonardo Avezzano, Product Marketing Director of Philips Hue.

“Not only does the kit show how simple it is to have clever products in your home, but like all Philips Hue products it is entirely future-proof. With the kit, anyone is able to begin enjoying the simplicity of modern dimming.”

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Philips has promised to update its Hue family of products with support for Apple’s HomeKit platform later this month. The dimming kit and the new wireless light bulbs are nor compatible with HomeKit, however.


The Philips Hue wireless dimming kit can be yours in exchange for $39.95/€39.95, with individual Philips Hue white bulbs priced at $19.95/€19.95 each. Both the Dimming Kit and the new white bulbs will launch across Europe and the United States next month.

Source: Philips