How to turn your old MacBook into a glowing light

I was not always such an Apple fanatic, but using my early 2008 15-inch MacBook Pro was a first-time conversion experience. In honor of that, I could not convince myself to ship off the device to e-waste. Holding a special place in my tech heart, I wanted a way to immortalize my shift to Apple fanboy status, which ultimately lead both my personal and professional career in a different direction.

Taking the LCD panel out of the monitor shell and unhinging the keyboard allowed for a permanent ambient glowing Apple logo for my office, which is HomeKit controlled. I call it the MacBook Lamp.

Nanoleaf Aurora is my favorite HomeKit lighting solution

I've tested many HomeKit lighting solutions, though nothing quite like the Nanoleaf Aurora. It is a collection of triangular LED panels that you can arrange into any shape you can think of, only limited by the number of panels.

The limitless animations and color combinations makes this one of the most fun and attention-getting pieces of decor you can add to your home. Check out our hands-on video to see the different animations and color schemes for yourself. Then read on for our in-depth review.

Sylvania starts preorders for new HomeKit bulb and light strip

Sylvania has now started taking preorders for two additional products in their SMART+ lineup. A new soft white LED bulb, and a full-color LED light strip. Similar to the color LED bulb (that we recently reviewed), they require no hub or Wi-Fi to operate, are HomeKit compatible, and can connect directly to your device.

iDevices HomeKit Wall Switch review

The iDevices HomeKit Wall Switch fixes one of the crucial issue with many smart homes. Not only does it fix a glaring issue, it comes with enough bells and whistles to make it the best HomeKit wall switch on the market.