Philips expands Hue smart lighting with new bulbs, fixtures and table lamps

Philips has expanded its Hue smart lighting family of HomeKit-compatible accessories with today’s announcement of a brand new candle bulb alongside all-new fixtures and free-standing table lamps. All the new accessories support HomeKit, allowing users to control their lights with Siri on their iPhone or iPad.

The new 40W-equivalent Hue White Ambiance candle bulb provides “the perfect shade of white light for any moment”. It uses a smaller E12 base for fixtures like ceiling fans, chandeliers or decorative table lamps and can output light at up to 450 lumens of brightness.

The candle bulb joins the company’s existing White Ambience family of lights, which includes the A19 bulb, GU10 spot light and BR30 downlight.

The newly announced products include:

The new Hue White Ambiance Wellner and Wellness table lamps both include a White Ambinece light bulb for capable of outputting light at 800 lumens. The new Hue White Ambiance Being Flushmount and Hue White Ambiance Fair fixture feature a built-in White Ambience bulb with light output at up to 3,000 lumens.

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The Fair fixture is available in flushmount, semi-flushmount and suspension styles for attaching to a ceiling.

Hue smart lights were designed to provide the white light needed to help you wake up and energize, concentrate, read, relax and go to sleep naturally.

Mark Cieri, Vice President and General Manager for Home Systems with Philips Lighting US, said:

To put it simply, consumers can have one light to support all of their daily activities. Think about all of the moments you enjoy in your kitchen. Select a cool daylight scene for your morning coffee to energize for the day ahead.

Help your child focus on their homework with a bright white light. Then, create a cozy ambiance for dinner under a warm light to wind down. With Philips Hue White Ambiance, you can personalize your lighting and truly feel at home.

Using HomeKit, Siri and the accompanying iOS app, users can create various hues of white light that can be dimmed or brightened throughout the day.

You can pre-order the new products via the Philips web store ahead of their arrival next month.

The new $30 candle bulb will be available for pre-order in June and launch in July.