GoPro unveils powerful new cameras and an app for viewing 360-degree and VR content

Monday, action camera maker GoPro announced at The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show a pair of powerful new camera rigs in the Omni and Odyssey series alongside a new VR sharing platform and a brand new mobile application which lets you view 360-degree videos and virtual reality content hosted at on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The new six-camera synchronized Omni rig costs five grands and packs in pro-grade features that allow pixel-level synchronization, making stitching in post-production easier and more exact than using unsynchronized camera arrays.

Pricing for the more capable panoramic stereoscopic 16-camera Odyssey rig, which is optimized to work with Google's Jump VR Platform, will be out of the reach for most people unless they create professional VR content for a living.

A member of Apple’s elite industrial design team has just joined GoPro

A longtime member of Apple’s closely-knit 19-person elite industrial design team has joined action camera maker GoPro, according to an exclusive report published Wednesday by the former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin's The Information.

The article, hidden behind a paywall, states that Apple designer Danny Coster is now joining GoPro to head up a new hardware design group there as Vice President of Design.

On a somewhat related note, a murky rumor recently alleged that Apple was interested in acquiring GoPro. In a company-wide email today announcing the hire, GoPro said the executive would begin his role by month's end. Coster, who worked for Apple since the early 1990s, was apparently curious to explore the new opportunity at GoPro.

GoPro is buying powerful iPhone video-editing apps Replay and Splice

GoPro, an American manufacturer of action cameras that are popular in extreme-action videography, has acquired two mobile video editing apps, Replay and Splice.

In a media release yesterday, GoPro said that merging these apps into its mobile strategy will help them deliver powerful mobile editing solutions to GoPro customers “and billions of smartphone users,” indicating the apps will continue to be available in the App Store.

In fact, both apps will be coming to Android later this year, said GoPro.

GoPro releases companion Apple Watch app

I hope for your own sake that you're not one of those irresponsible guys who can be seen interacting with GoPro's mobile app on their smartphone while skating, parachuting or cycling. If you are, however, you might want to download GoPro's latest iPhone app which now includes a native Apple Watch app that lets you start and stop recording with a simple tap on your wrist.

Less time spent starring at the smartphone screen gives you more time to avoid those obstacles. What do you mean, you don't skate?

Live-streaming from GoPro through Meerkat just became a reality

Don't you dare write Meerkat off yet!

As reported by CNBC, the real-time mobile video broadcasting service has just teamed up with GoPro, the maker of tremendously popular action cameras, to allow its users to broadcast their action footage on the Meerkat service, in real-time.

Meerkat's live streaming technology is the perfect fit for owners of GoPro cameras, especially  given that GoPro's mobile apps are not built for streaming and only offer barebone features.

Meerkat has made the official announcement regarding its partnership with GoPro at VidCon, the online video creators conference.