Live-streaming from GoPro through Meerkat just became a reality

GoPro Hero 4 cameras 001

Don’t you dare write Meerkat off yet!

As reported by CNBC, the real-time mobile video broadcasting service has just teamed up with GoPro, the maker of tremendously popular action cameras, to allow its users to broadcast their action footage on the Meerkat service, in real-time.

Meerkat’s live streaming technology is the perfect fit for owners of GoPro cameras, especially  given that GoPro’s mobile apps are not built for streaming and only offer barebone features.

Meerkat has made the official announcement regarding its partnership with GoPro at VidCon, the online video creators conference.

Who can live-stream?

Details on how the partnership is supposed to work are sparse, but we do know that owners of GoPro3 cameras can now connect their gadget to an iOS device and then open the Meerkat app to start live streaming.

Owners of the more powerful GoPro4 cameras will gain this ability with the next app update, Meerkat said.

How do I set it up?

To start live-streaming live footage from your GoPro camera through Meerkat, you’ll of course need a GoPro camera and download both Meerkat for iPhone and the companion GoPro app from the App Store.

Next, connect the camera wirelessly with your iPhone. Now open Meerkat and shake your device to start streaming from your GoPro to the whole world via Meerkat.

Meerkat has created a cute little video explaining the setup procedure.

Why should I care?

The announcement marks both the first time Meerkat has extended the ability to broadcast beyond a mobile device and a major blow to Periscope, a Twitter-owned video broadcasting app which has the benefit of tight integration with the Twitter service.

Can you say participatory live-streaming?

I’m only speculating here, but the partnership could deepen via Meerkat’s Cameo feature. Unveiled earlier in July, Cameo permits Meerkat broadcasters to invite viewers to take over their stream for up to sixty seconds.

Both people can end the Cameo at any time, at which point the video returns to the broadcaster who started the stream. In my mind, coupling live-streaming of GoPro footage with the Cameo feature has the tremendous potential to take participatory live-streaming to the next level.

Source: CNBC