GoPro releases companion Apple Watch app

GoPro 2.11 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

I hope for your own sake that you’re not one of those irresponsible guys who can be seen interacting with GoPro’s mobile app on their smartphone while skating, parachuting or cycling. If you are, however, you might want to download GoPro’s latest iPhone app which now includes a native Apple Watch app that lets you start and stop recording with a simple tap on your wrist.

Less time spent starring at the smartphone screen gives you more time to avoid those obstacles. What do you mean, you don’t skate?

Apple Watch app

As mentioned, the Apple Watch app makes it easy to start and stop recording with a single tap on your wrist. But it goes deeper than that. In addition to recording control, the app gives you a preview frame of your shot, lets you HiLight tags to exciting moments in a video and includes a complication to quickly launch GoPro right from the watch face.

GoPro 2.11 for iOS Apple Watch screenshot 001

Trim and share

In addition to the Apple Watch app, this edition of GoPro for iOS includes a pair of new editing features allowing you to trim and share your clips with ease.

The app also includes new features to filter media to display only photos, videos, tags or clips, as well as pull stills from your videos. And with the Apple Watch app and its remote control of your GoPro camera, it’s now easier than even to edit and share GoPro clips on the go.

GoPro 2.11 for iOS highlights

Here’s what’s new in GoPro 2.11:

New and improved:

  • Now compatible with Apple Watch: Preview shots, control your camera, and add HiLight Tags all from your watch.
  • Pull still images from videos: Quickly flip through a video frame-by-frame to find that epic moment and download a high-quality still image.
  • Find your media faster: Locate that awesome shot by filtering your media to display only photos, videos, HiLights, or clips.
  • Nearly everything is viewable on iOS: Enjoy your shot on the spot with a generated preview that allows you to view high frame-rate video on your phone.

Known issues:

  • Occasionally, cameras have trouble maintaining the date a piece of media was taken. Some creation dates may be incorrect or missing. Media on camera may appear out of order as a result.
  • Grabbing a photo can take a long time on some cameras, particularly the HERO2 and HERO3 models. Other cameras may be occasionally sluggish when flipping through video frames to grab a photo.
  • Some video formats aren’t viewable. iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c can’t generate preview videos for some video formats. We recommend shooting in 1080 at 30 fps for easy playback.
  • Downloading 4K video. 4K videos taken on a GoPro are not downloadable or clippable. Even though iPhone 6s supports 4k video, the high quality of GoPro’s 4k video unfortunately isn’t supported by the iPhone. We recommend shooting in 1080p at 30 fps for easy sharing, clipping and downloading.

In the works:

  • We’re working on improvements for managing your HiLights on iOS (currently, videos downloaded from the camera don’t preserve HiLights).
  • We’re working on offering the same filtered views for both on-camera media and media downloaded to your phone.


The app supports any GoPro camera with built-in Wi-Fi networking and requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 7.0 or later. The app is localized in English, German and Simplified Chinese.

Grab GoPro free of charge in the App Store.