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Google Photos gains faster backup and sharing on low or spotty connections

Google’s mobile Photos app recently gained the ability to automatically adjust the white tone of your images to given them a more natural look. During an event in S√£o Paulo, Brazil today, the search company announced that Google Photos for iOS and Android now includes faster backup and sharing on low connectivity. They’re rolling out these improvements in Google Photos for iOS and Android starting today, ahead of a wider rollout¬†in the coming days.

Google Photos picks up auto white balance editing feature in latest update

Google Photos for iPhone and iPad has picked up a brand new editing feature‚ÄĒauto white balance. Requiring Google Photos for iOS version 2.11, the app’s improved¬†Auto Enhance tool now includes white balance correction that adjusts the white tone of your images to make them pop and given them a more natural look. Launch Google Photos on your device, select a look and the app will now correct not only exposure and saturation, but also automatically correct the white balance of the image.

Google Photos for iOS gains new features that suggest rotations, resurface images & more

Google yesterday announced a pretty interesting update to its free of charge Photos application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which brings out four features driven by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm.

The new version will be rolling out today in the App Store, making it easier to fix some of the pesky sideways photos in your library by suggesting rotations, resurface your forgotten photos for you and more.

Google Photos for iOS gains Live Photos stabilization feature

iPhone photography fans who use Google Photos for iOS as their go-to photo management and backup solution will be delighted to learn that the latest version of the iPhone and iPad application now integrates advanced stabilization and rendering features that can make Live Photos smoother. Borrowed from Google’s Motion Stills app which debuted in June 2016, this feature can freeze the background in your Live Photos or create sweeping cinematic pans.

Google Photos amps up advertising with funny new ad focused on automatic backup feature

Like many photo-syncing apps, Google’s Photos online service and the¬†mobile app¬†provide an optional feature that automatically backs up to the cloud every¬†image and video in a user’s photo library. Apple, too, offers such a¬†feature with iCloud Photo Library but its free five-gigabyte iCloud storage tier is no match for Google Photos unlimited cloud¬†storage for your¬†(recompressed) images (up to 16MP) and videos (up to 1080p). To drive that point home,¬†they’ve put together an amusing new¬†ad solely focused on that feature.

Storage full: new Google Photos ad is amusing

We were first to tell you about the most recent update to the mobile Google Photos app, which packs in 3D Touch shortcuts on the Home screen whilst highlighting a storage optimization feature. The following day Google published this video, a nice play on the widely criticized problem of entry-level 16GB iPhones having nowhere near the capacity to hold all of the photos people take on their iPhones.

‚ÄúBecause life shouldn‚Äôt stop when your phone storage does,‚ÄĚ says Google. ‚ÄúFree up space with Google Photos and never run out of storage again.‚ÄĚ

Google Photos gains 3D Touch shortcuts and storage optimization feature

Google today issued a minor refresh to its native Photos app on the App Store, introducing¬†3D Touch shortcuts for¬†the Home screen and a much-needed new feature designed to optimize storage space on your device. Bumped to version 1.13, Google Photos for iPhone and iPad¬†produces a 3D Touch menu upon¬†pressing its Home screen icon, giving you access to the following shortcuts: I’m Feeling Lucky, Free Up Space and Make Shared Album.

In addition to these 3D Touch shortcuts and the new storage-optimization feature, this edition of the app packs in unspecified performance improvements.

Google Photos gains revamped search with emoji support, customizable movies and more

After introducing smarter albums with text, maps and locations back in March, the search giant Google today issued a refresh to its mobile Photos application on the App Store. Now available as a free download for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Google Photos version 1.10 packs in a redesigned search experience with support for emoji search (it really works) and Spotlight integration, better movies with the ability to add your own music to them and other perks.

On the web, Google Photos has gained a handy overlay with keyboard shortcuts and new features when uploading images to the service.

Google Photos rolls out smarter albums with text, maps and locations

Google has been rolling out new features to its Photos mobile and web app at a rapid clip. And now, the Internet giant has introduced smarter albums in Google Photos that can be customized with text, maps and locations. ‚ÄúAfter an event or trip, Google Photos will now suggest a new album curated with your best shots and the locations of where you’ve been,‚ÄĚ said the search giant on Tuesday.

Google is shutting down Picasa desktop app and Picasa Web Albums to focus on Photos

Google on Friday announced that the¬†Picasa desktop app and its¬†corresponding online photo-sharing service, called Picasa Web Albums, are soon going to be¬†officially dead. This didn’t come as a shock: since the launch of Google Photos, Picasa’s fate was pretty much sealed.

As of March 15, 2016, Google will no longer be supporting the desktop Picasa application for Mac and Windows. After the cut-off date, existing Picasa installations will still work.

However, Google has said it will cease development of the app so there will be no future updates nor will the Picasa app continue to be available for download after March 15.

Best ways to store photos in the cloud

In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the most popular cloud storage solutions. We’re going to detail backing up your media¬†to each of them and discuss¬†recommended¬†strategies for freeing up as much storage space as possible, without destroying your personal memories or changing your workflow much.