Rumor: Google developing two Wear smartwatches with circular displays

Android Police ran a story two days ago, that's now picking up traction, learning from supposedly reliable sources that Google is secretly developing a pair of smartwatches—code-named “Angelfish” and “Swordfish”—that will run its latest Android Wear software, have circular displays and more.

One of the devices, ”Angelfish”, is said to have a subdued but sporty look and include a built-in heart rate sensor, embedded LTE cellular connectivity and GPS for truly standalone operation.

TAG Heuer teams up with Google and Intel to produce luxury smartwatch

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, a luxury watch brand owned by LVMH, announced today that it's partnering with Google and Intel to create a smartwatch. TAG will design the device, Intel will supply the microprocessor, and Google of course will handle the software with Android Wear.

In his announcement, quoted by Bloomberg, at the Baselworld watch expo today, LVMH's Jean-Claude Biver said this was his "biggest announcement ever" in his 40 years of working in the industry. He believes that the device will go on to be the "greatest connected watch" on the market.

Motorola shows off Android Wear on Moto 360

Among the flurry of announcements yesterday, Android Wear files as the most exciting and talked-about aspect of the Google I/O 2014 keynote.

To help jumpstart Google's platform for wearables, both LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s new Gear Live started selling through Google's Play store yesterday.

Google also said that Motorola’s Moto 360, announced back in March, will launch later this summer with Android Wear. Motorola has now posted a nice video for those who couldn't attend Google's two-day conference for developers.

It gives a sneak peek at some of the cool features of Android Wear running on premium hardware so give it a quick watch (pun intended) and share your impressions with fellow readers down in the comments...

Motorola shows off its Android Wear smartwatch, Moto 360, coming this summer

Google has just announced its brand new Android Wear platform for powering wearable devices like smartwatches and handset maker Motorola is already showing off its first Android Wear-driven device, a smartwatch dubbed Moto 360.

Billed as a "modern timepiece," the device indeed is designed much like classic timepieces and sports high-grade finish that oozes premium quality.

The Moto 360, of course, runs Android Wear and includes Google Now integration, Android notifications, apps like weather, sports scores and more. It does gestures, too. "With just a twist of the wrist," Motorola writes, you can see who’s emailing or calling, what time your next meeting is or a friend’s latest social post...

Photos of alleged prototype for Google smartwatch surface

Both Apple and Google are believed to be working on wearable devices right now with plans to release them before the end of the year. And while we've seen zero physical evidence of Apple's iWatch project, some photos of an alleged Google smartwatch prototype just surfaced.

Android Police has posted photos of what appears to be a Motorola-branded smartwatch in an early development stage. The site says the device would have debuted with the "Google Watch" moniker as part of the Nexus family, but believes Google chose to go a different route...

Report: Google smartwatch made by LG, has Google Now, runs slimmed down Android

After Sarah Perez and Darrell Etherington over at TechCrunch ran a story last night detailing some of the aspects of Google's rumored smartwatch project, The Wall Street Journal and CNET on Monday reported that the device will probably be manufactured by LG Electronics. Google should detail its operating system in March and release a software development kit for third-party developers in June.

Apple is of course, rumored to be hard at work on its own wearable device, dubbed by the press the iWatch. A number of medical expert hires indicate that Apple's device may also include health-sensing capability such as tracking blood glucose and hydration levels, although not as advanced as previously speculated...

New report says Google is preparing to release its own smartwatch this year

If you're still in the camp of folks who believe that there won't be a market for wearables, you might want to take a look around. Pebble just launched a new smartwatch, Samsung just announced a new Gear watch and Apple reportedly has one in the oven.

Google is also believed to be working on a smartwatch, and according to insiders, it's almost finished. TechCrunch is reporting this weekend that the search giant is putting the finishing touches on a watch that runs Android and houses a full-color display...

WSJ: Google working on Android game console, smartwatch and more

This is kind of interesting. Hot on the heels of reports that iOS 7 contains proper third-party support for physical game controllers comes word that Google is hard at work building a full-fledged gaming console and smartwatch based on its Android operating system.

The story comes from The Wall Street Journal, who reported last night that the Mountain View-based company is looking to expand its mobile platform beyond smartphones and tablets, and is hoping to combat similar devices that Apple may release in the future...

Google said to be working on its own smartwatch

A year ago, the smartwatch space didn't really exist. I mean it did, but it consisted of just a handful of lackluster products from the likes of Sony and Motorola. But if rumors are true, it'll serve as the next battlefield for the 3 biggest names in tech.

Hot on the heels of reports that both Apple and Samsung are hard at work developing smartphone-connected wristwatches comes a new one from The Financial Times claiming that Google's Android unit is working on a smartwatch of its own...