Dolphin Browser

Fantastical 2 for iPad gains Dolphin browser integration, list/reminder improvements and more

Flexibits has issued an update to its Fantastical for iPad today, bringing our a few new useful features and enhancements.

In addition to half a dozen bug fixes and various other fixes and improvements, Fantastical 2.1.1 includes support for Dolphin Browser [free download] and comes with improvements to the app's handling of lists and reminders.

Specifically, your list will finally show reminders that have an alert time but not a due date.

And if you use iOS automation via URL schemes, you can tell other apps to open reminders directly in Fantastical by taking advantage of a new URL handler 'fantastical2://show?view=reminders'...

Popular Dolphin browser updated with ad blocker, themes and more

The mobile Safari browser that Apple includes with iOS is probably ok for the average user, but it's lacking a ton of features. This has forced a lot of folks to seek a third-party alternative with more to offer. I, for example, use Chrome.

Another popular choice, though, is MoboTap Inc.'s Dolphin browser, which happened to receive a big update today. The new version includes a number of improvements, such as a new ad-blocking feature, themes and better downloading...

Dolphin gets browser sync, easier sharing, Evernote integration

Dolphin, the popular third-party browser for iOS and Android, received a major update today. In addition to the obligatory stability and performance improvements, developers added a few new features you'll be excited about. For starters, Dolphin now has browser sync that keeps your environment and settings flawlessly consistent across desktop and your mobile devices powered by iOS or Android.

You can also send tabs, images, phone numbers and directions from a mobile device to your computer, share to social networks and email articles. And if you live in Evernote, Dolphin now lets you grab any web content and save it directly to your Evernote (or Box) account, useful for saving a particular article or document for later, especially if you are not a huge fan of Instapaper or a similar read-later service...