Popular Dolphin browser updated with ad blocker, themes and more

dolphin ss

The mobile Safari browser that Apple includes with iOS is probably ok for the average user, but it’s lacking a ton of features. This has forced a lot of folks to seek a third-party alternative with more to offer. I, for example, use Chrome.

Another popular choice, though, is MoboTap Inc.’s Dolphin browser, which happened to receive a big update today. The new version includes a number of improvements, such as a new ad-blocking feature, themes and better downloading…

Here’s your full 7.4 change log:

  • Add theme option in settings
  • Add ad block option in settings
  • Improve download feature
  • Fix bookmark related bugs
  • Better search engine customization for different locales
  • Add Message option in Share feature
  • Refine Evernote and Box save pdf file
  • Make max tab count to 20
  • Other Bug fix

This was actually one of my favorite alternative browsers before I discovered Chrome. Its simple interface and tabbed browsing makes for quick and efficient interactions. And now that it can block advertisements, you can surf faster than ever.

As for the new themes feature, it’s not what you think. Choosing from the 4 or 5 included options only changes the background of the app’s Home screen—nothing else. It’s very subtle, which I actually like, but other folks might not dig it.

The Dolphin browser has 4.5 stars in the App Store, on nearly 20,000 ratings, which I think says a lot. Even without these new features, I would have recommended that you check it out. If you’re interested, it’s available in the App Store for free.