2018 Mac Mini tech specs

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a much-requested refresh of the Mac Mini, which sports powerful new hardware and a redesigned chassis constructed from fully-recycled aluminum.

In this piece, we outline the tech specs concerning Apple‘s all-new 2018 Mac Mini.

Manually set your Mac’s cooling fan speeds with Macs Fan Control

If you own an Apple computer, especially a modern one, then you’ve probably come to notice how particularly thin these machines have become. Despite that, most Macs still sport internal cooling fans to keep the CPU and GPU temperatures in check.

By default, Apple’s internal cooling fans run as silently as possible for a quiet user experience, but this isn’t without its caveats. Thinner machines like the MacBook Pro are more susceptible to heat soak because the cooling capabilities of such a compact chassis are limited; this is something you’ve undoubtedly felt while the machine sits on your lap during intensive tasks.

Intel adds to the 2018 MacBook Pro thermal throttling controversy

A new week hasn't ended the so-called "thermal throttling" controversy that's been swirling around the newly released 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro. ExtremeTech is now reporting that Intel had long ago said it was okay for manufacturers such as Apple to deviate from stated specifications. In doing so, it makes you wonder whether you can even count on reported clock speeds for some of the most expensive laptops on the market.