‘WeeToolbox’ adds 5 free functions to Notification Center

Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like awesome free jailbreak tweaks are more of the exception than the norm these days. For that reason, it’s always refreshing to see a good tweak that’s free, as is the case with WeeToolbox.

WeeToolbox adds five different functions — Tweet, Dial, Flashlight, Pastie, and Camera — to Notification Center, and it’s completely free…

Glue: Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Share Text with Pastie From the Notes App is a place where you can type or paste anything. There’s no user names or profiles, what you type or paste gets placed in chronological order with the other entries. If you’re a fan of the service, you’re going to love this next jailbreak tweak. Glue enables you to paste content to directly from the iOS Notes application.

Now instead having to open up Safari or another 3rd party application to access the Pastie service, you can simply upload from your Notes app with a single tap. This could save frequent users quite a few steps…

Apple Files Response to Samsung’s Request to See the Next iPhone

Now that the Nokia and Apple dispute has been settled, the tech world can turn its attention back to the Samsung “copycat case.” Apple filed the lawsuit back in April of this year, claiming that Samsung copied several iDevice design elements in their products.

The Cupertino company submitted another filing shortly after that, asking to see some of Samsung’s upcoming products in relation to the complaint. In turn, Samsung likewise submitted a Motion to Compel, asking to see Apple’s new iPad 3 and iPhone 5 models. How did Steve Jobs and company respond?

iPhone Quick Tip: How to Quote Text in an Email Reply

This is a ninja tip that was sent to me by an anonymous reader about how to quote text in an email reply. Let’s say you receive an email from someone. In your reply, you want to quote some of the text to comment on it for example.

To do that, simply select the text you want to quote and hit the “reply” icon. This way, only your selected text will be copied in your email reply…

Fast Copy Speeds Up Your iPhone’s Copy and Paste Functionality

Every so often, a tweak comes around that simply makes the iPhone better to use. Fast Copy is the type of tweak that falls perfectly into that category, taking basic iPhone functionality and improving it.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, because I thought that the iPhone’s copy and paste abilities were fairly competent already. After using Fast Copy, though, I can safely say that the room for improvement has always existed, whether I perceived it, or not.

Action Menu – My Favorite Jailbreak App Updated for iOS 4

It’s like Christmas for me right now. One of my favorite jailbreak apps, Action Menu, has been updated to bring support for iOS 4, the iPhone 4 and the iPad. I’ve always confessed my love for Action Menu, which saves me tons of time in my everyday usage of the iPhone.

For those of you who don’t know about Action Menu, let me give you a quick glimpse at what it does. Action Menu takes a stab at enhancing the copy/paste function of your iPhone by adding a bunch of add-ons to it. The lite version is free but for $2.99, you can get the full-featured app, which I think is well worth the money.

iPhone 3GS A Month Later. Still A Lot Missing

It seems it was yesterday that I unboxed my iPhone 3GS for the first time. Of course it was love at first sight. It is fast and elegant, but now that I’ve been using it for a month, I notice there is still a lot missing to make it the perfect phone.
Copy/Paste is Clunky
Woohoo, the iPhone finally has copy/paste. It only took Apple 2 years to implement this basic feature… The reality is that they did a terrible job. I think copy/paste on the iPhone is clunky and intrusive. Now everytime you touch your iPhone screen, you have this annoying popup asking you if you want to select/copy/paste. Apple products usually are about amazing user experience and copy/paste for the iPhone is a big fail.

iPhone 3GS TV Ad “Copy and Paste” Is Stupid

I was watching TV yesterday night when I saw the Copy and Paste TV ad for the new iPhone 3GS. I had seen this ad many times before but it was the first time it stroke me how laughable this ad really is.
This is the new iPhone, and it lets you do some pretty incredible things… You can copy a phone number, and paste it in a text. You can copy an article, and paste it in an email…
What made me laugh is that they are using the copy/paste feature as a selling point. Of course this is a brand new feature for the iPhone, but you have to keep in mind that copy/paste has been available on all other smartphones forever. Besides, the copy/paste feature on the iPhone has nothing of revolutionary. If anything I think it is very clunky and intrusive. Yet Apple sells it as a technology breakthrough.

Then at the end of the ad comes the catchy phrase:
Copy and paste on the iPhone 3GS, the most powerful iPhone yet.
Well of course it’s the most powerful iPhone yet; it’s the latest one and there has only been 2 before that.

I think this ad is really deceiving.

What do you think of the latest iPhone ads? If you didn’t have an iPhone yet, would they make you want to get one?

Confirmed 3.0 Rumors: Copy/Paste, No Video, Pre Killer!

On Tuesday Apple will hold an event where it will reveal iPhone firmware 3.0. Needless to say that rumors have been flying by like shooting stars but some rumors have been confirmed by Kevin Rose, namely the long awaited copy/paste! Yes, you read me right. Copy/paste will be on the next firmware update.

Recorded live during the shooting of a DiggNation episode (see video below), Rose also mentioned that the iPhone will not have video recording capability at this time. The most interesting revelation to me is that apparently, iPhone 3.0 firmware will do everything the Palm Pre will do, but even better. What does that mean? Will we finally be able to run multiple apps in the background (without having to use the jailbreak app called Backgrounder)? Will we have push email? A mystery that will be revealed this coming Tuesday.

Now some of you who don’t know Kevin Rose may question him. Well, don’t! Rose (founder of Digg, if you didn’t know) has some very good friends at Apple and has always been right when he revealed new iPhone features in the past. Always.

What else would you like to see on the iPhone firmware 3.0?

hClipboard is Another iPhone Copy/Paste App

Earlier this week I posted about Clippy, an application that brilliantly brings copy/paste to the iPhone. I love Clippy. It is simple and it does exactly what you want it to do. One thing it doesn’t do is letting you copy text from Safari, but hey, you can’t ask it too much…

Available since today in Cydia is hClipboard, a copy/paste application that does the same as Clippy, except it makes it harder for you use…

Before installing hClipboard, I looked at the “more information” tab in Cydia about this app. I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of directions to use this app. I think that I’m a pretty smart guy when it comes to tech stuff so I didn’t read the directions and decided to try it thinking I would figure it out.

I installed the app and went to the my Mail app to try it out. Once there I didn’t know what to do. I briefly looked at the instructions online but honestly, I was turned off. To me, an app should be simple enough so a caveman can do it. This app required to much effort from me. I know that I should just read the instructions and I would get it in a minute but for some reason, I don’t want to.

That’s too bad because hClipboard seems to be a pretty good app from what I read… I’ll stick too Clippy!

UPDATE: I wasn’t able to fall asleep last night so I played around with hClipBoard for a bit and I realized how easy it is to use.

Simply place the cursor where you want to start copying text and hit the “select from here” icon (see image above)
Then place the cursor where you want to end the text copy and hit the same icon to “select to here and copy”
That’s it. The text is now copied to your clipboard.
You can repeat the steps above several times and have multiple copied sections on your clipboard.
Now whenever you want to paste the text somewhere, simply tap this piece of text on your clipboard.

You can also create templates of text you paste on a regular basis, which is very convenient for email signatures for examples.

hClipBoard is definitely better than Clippy and after giving it a real try, I can tell that this is my new favorite copy/paste app.

Let me know you experience with the app in the comments.

Clippy Finally Brings Copy/Paste To The iPhone

[digg-me]Copy/Paste is without a doubt the most wanted feature on the iPhone and I still don’t understand why Apple hasn’t given it to us yet… Last month, I talked about PasteBud, which was kinda bringing copy/paste to the iPhone through a combination of javascript bookmarks and web services. PasteBud definitely had its share of restrictions and it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be so I gave up on it.

Now comes Clippy, a free application available in Cydia through the iSpazio repo. Let me tell you right away that, even though it’s still a beta version, Clippy is the best app for copy/pasting on your iPhone so far!

How does Clippy work? After installing the application, type any text you want and simply hit the “123” button on your keyboard to show the copy/paste buttons. Tap “copy” and start selecting the text you want to copy. Tap “copy” again to end the selection. Then tap “paste” to paste this text where you want it to be.

Pretty simple, huh? It does have a few limitations though…

First, Clippy only works across the Notes, Mail, and SMS apps and that is a big issue to me. Most of the text I want to copy comes from the web and Clippy won’t allow me (yet) to copy/paste snippets of text from Safari.

Second, Clippy will only let you copy one line at a time. For example, if you have a 5-line paragraph, you will only be able to copy one line from that paragraph. That is kind of an issue too because you most likely want to copy larger text areas.

Besides that, Clippy works great! Remember it is still in beta so it will most likely be improved and work for Safari and also let you copy several lines at a time.

UPDATE: Clippy got an update this morning and it now allows you to copy several lines at a time and use copy/paste anywhere you can use the keyboard (ie Maps, Twittfon, etc…). So most of my negative comments about Cippy are not valid anymore. Next step to make it the perfect copy/paste app is to allow it to copy text from Safari!

PasteBud Finally Brings Copy/Paste To The iPhone

Ok, I was wrong! I thought that the rumor circulating yesterday about copy/paste coming to the iPhone was just BS but it’s here, and it works.

As I explained in my previous post, Pastebud allows easy copy/pasting to the iPhone through a combination of javascript bookmarks and web services. But let me tell you right now, it’s not full on copy/paste like you would want it. Pastebud is just a workaround, that will do the trick but it has a few limitations.

First things first. To install Pastebud, you have to visit the site from your iPhone or iPod Touch and bookmark a couple pages: one for copy, one for paste. Like all workarounds, you have to manually edit the bookmarks to make them work on your device. The edit trick is clearly explained and is easy to do, assuming you know how to use your iPhone…

Once this is done, you have to tap the “your secret pastebud address” on the site, which will open your mail app and prompt you to send the email to the already filled in email address. I’m not sure about that, but I think this is to send an email to Pastebud servers to register your iPhone. After doing that, you will automatically receive an email telling you that you are registered (check your spam folder to see this email).

Now the fun begins and you are fully ready to copy/paste like a champ! Or kinda… When you have text that you want to copy, simply go to your bookmarks and tap “Copy”. This will change the web page you are currently visiting to a text-only version where you can highlight the desired text (see image below).

At this point, you can either tap the top left button for copying the text to an email, or you can tap “copy” to move the text to the clipboard. Let’s have a look at how to copy the text to your mail app…

As you can see on the image below, copying the text automatically inserts “pasted from my iPhone” with a link to Pastebud’s website. This is really gay (no offense, Guy 😉 and can be avoided if you choose to use the paid version of Pastebud, but we’ll get to this.

Pasting the copied text to any box on the web is just as easy. After selecting the text and hitting “Copy,” simply browse to any site you want to paste to and hit the “PASTE” bookmarklet. Pastebud loads the page in its webapp again, and you click the “PASTE HERE” box to, well, paste there.

Once the text is pasted, a somewhat annoying message pops up asking you if you want to purchase the full version of Pastebud for $5.

You can also copy/paste from an email but it’s a bit cumbersome as you have to forward the email to a private email address at Pastebud, which will then return a link to your email’s text on Pastebud’s servers. This link will then take you to a web page, where you can now copy and paste any part of the message just as we described before. Yes, I told you, it’s cumbersome!

All in all, Pastebud is a great workaround for copy/pasting text but as we could see, it has some limitations. For example, you will not be able to copy/paste a URL onto your friend’s wall in the Facebook app. What annoys me is that Pastebud automatically inserts a link to its website when you paste the text. On the other hand, I understand that the developer wants you to buy the full version so he can make a little money, which is totally legitimate.

Have you guys tried Pastebud yet? If so, please tell us about your experience in the comments.