New to Mac? 3 ways to copy and paste text on your Mac

Copy Paste Context Menu Mac Word

Lately iDB has been trying a little more to help out those who are completely new to Mac. For instance, we’ve recently shown you how to right-click on your Mac as well as provided a guide with the differences you’ll notice if you’re switching from Windows to Mac.

This is another article to help you if you’re new to Mac. After all, we want you to enjoy your experience and appreciate using macOS with all it has to offer.

This tutorial shows you three different ways to copy and paste text on Mac. So, you can use the one that’s most comfortable for you or switch it up depending on the situation.

Copy and paste on Mac with keyboard shortcuts

If you’re used to keyboard shortcuts and find that you can accomplish what you need to faster, then you can copy and paste easily.

  • To copy text, select it and use Command + C.
  • To cut text, select it and use Command + X.
  • To paste the text you copied or cut, place your cursor where you want the text and use Command + V.

The shortcuts are similar on Windows using C, X, and V, but you hold the Ctrl key instead of Command. So, this one you can probably get used to quickly.

Copy and paste on Mac with right-click

Maybe you’re more of a right-click type of user. You can copy and paste with the context menu that displays when you right-click, just like on Windows. But different on Mac, you can also use Control and click to perform right-click actions.

1) Select the text you want to copy or cut and then paste.

2) Right-click or hold Control and click.

3) In the context menu that displays, select Copy or Cut.

4) Move your cursor where you want that text and right-click or hold Control and click.

5) Select Paste in the context menu.

Copy Paste Context Menu Mac Word

Copy and paste on Mac with the menu bar

While some third-party applications may work differently, most use the Edit option from the menu bar for the copy, cut, and paste actions. And with some apps on your Mac, like Notes and Pages, you can also use a Paste and Match Style option.

For a simple copy and paste, select the text and click Edit > Copy (or Cut) from the menu bar. Move your cursor where you want that text and click Edit > Paste from the menu bar.

Copy Paste Menu Bar Mac Word

When you use this type of copy and paste action, the text you copy should retain its formatting when you paste it. If you would rather match the formatting in the document you are pasting to, you can use another option.

Copy or cut the text using Edit in the menu bar as described above. When you’re ready to paste, click Edit > Paste and Match Style from the menu bar. This is helpful if you are pasting text into an existing list or preformatted text like a title or header.

Paste Match Style Menu Bar Mac Pages

Wrapping it up

While this tutorial may not be useful for those who’ve used Mac for years and copy and paste on a daily basis, we want to make sure that we help all levels of Mac users. So, if you have a friend or family member who just bought their first Mac, feel free to share this link with them.

What other types of tips or tricks do you have for new Mac users? Feel free to share in the comments below or ping us on Twitter.