This cool concept shows one way to improve iPad multitasking, but has a few usability issues

We've been hearing some complaints lately about multitasking on iPad which, for all its advantages and advancements, hasn't really reached a point where average users could figure out that stuff on their own to multitask like pros. Honestly, it's a convoluted mess. Such harsh criticism is grounded in facts, and that's precisely why this deceptively simple iPad multitasking concept has been making rounds in the past couple of days.

Animated concept: Instagram for Windows 95

Moscow-based designer Misha Petrick, who runs the Russian animation studio Petrick, took it upon himself to imagine what Instagram would look like on Microsoft's Windows 95 as a native app, creating convincing mockups that you need to see to appreciate attention to detail.

Concept: a notch-less iPhone with a hole punch display and a minimal camera bump

Apple is expected to release the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR successors in the fall and much of the debate has thus far focused on that massive rectangular-shaped camera bump that we saw on CAD renderings. One designer has put together some cool mockups imagining the next iPhone with a minimal camera bump and a notch-less appearance thanks to a hole-punch display like we saw on the Galaxy S10 range.