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Samsung, Barnes & Noble team up to create ‘Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK’ tablet

About a year ago,  Barnes & Noble announced that it was going to put an end to most of its Nook tablet offerings. Acknowledging that the battle with Apple, Google and Amazon was too tough to fight alone, it said it would be interested in taking on a partner to share the work.

Apparently it found that partner in Samsung. The two companies jointly announced a new device today dubbed the 'Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK.' The pair say the 7-inch tablet combines Samsung’s leading technology and NOOK’s content to create an extraordinary reading experience...

Barnes & Nobles releases Nook Video iOS app

Barnes & Noble, the largest book retailer in the United States, today announced a brand new app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices called Nook Video.

The software was designed to serve as a gateway drug to Barnes & Noble's Nook Video service which lets you purchase or rent thousands of movies and television shows in high definition, much like Amazon's, Apple's and Google's content stores.

The buying experience on the Nook Video Store is pretty frictionless and the app remembers your play point and sends it via the cloud to all your other devices, so you can pick up on another device right where you left off on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad...

Barnes & Noble launches Nook for Web, iPad support coming soon

Barnes & Noble today introduced Nook for Web, a cloud platform that strives to make e-reading easier by providing browser access to electronic books without needing a download, a Nook account or a Nook device for that matter. The overdue move follows in footsteps of Amazon which last August introduced Kindle Cloud Reader, a service that lets you access Kindle books instantly in a web browser (works great on iPad), no Kindle device required. UPDATE: the article is updated with a simple fix to run Nook for Web on your iPad...

iPad web traffic drops a little, Nook overtakes Kindle Fire

An interesting change in tablet web traffic in June, as observed by ad network Chitika which sampled hundreds of millions of ad impressions across mobile apps that incorporate its solution. While they're by no means an accurate representative of the market, the numbers still outline market trend changes.

Apple's iPad dropped a bit in June, but the biggest change comes in Barnes & Noble's Nook passing Amazon's Kindle Fire. Of all non-iPad tablets, Samsung's Galaxy Tab remains the most widely-used device...

iPad gulps more than two-thirds of market as Amazon’s Fire falls from grace

A whopping 91 percent of tech moms want it for Mother’s Day instead of flowers, teachers deem it the future of education (though DoJ disagrees), it's used everywhere for work, has managed to break Amazon’s monopolistic grip on the publishing industry - and yet it shows no sign of slowing down.

And even as rivals face downturn, folks are picking their iPads like there’s no tomorrow. This is the crux of latest market tablet survey by research firm IDG which pegged Apple's worldwide tablet share in Q1 2012 at 68 percent, up from 54.7-percent in the year-ago quarter.

Apple's growth largely came at the expense of Amazon’s Kindle Fire which plummeted from 16.8 percent share in Q4 2011 to just four percent share in Q1 2012. That's a staggering 12.8-percentage points market share loss in just one quarter. Another way to look at it: Amazon shipped only 700,000 Kindle Fire units in Q1 2012...