KBAppDock upgrades the stock keyboard on jailbroken iPhones

The keyboard is one of the most frequently-used interfaces on any iPhone, and that’s not just because it’s useful for texting, but also because it’s the one tool you use whenever you browse the web, jot down notes or reminders, or search the App Store for your favorite apps, among other things.

While it’s certainly possible to download third party keyboards from the App Store to replace iOS’ native keyboard interface, you’d be hard pressed to find anything nearly as powerful as what can be had with a jailbreak tweak. That’s because jailbreak tweaks often let you keep Apple’s wonderful native keyboard while still enabling you to augment it in ways that Apple otherwise wouldn’t permit on a stock handset.

The best GIF keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

Best GIF keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Animated GIFs seem to be one of the most popular things people share these days aside from photos. Whether on social media or in text messages, those short animations are everywhere. You can share something sweet, thoughtful, hilarious, sarcastic, or wacky, and the list goes on.

If you search Google, you’ll find tons of GIFs for the topic you need. But why bother when you can use a keyboard specifically for them? These are the best GIF keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad to bring fun to your messages.

The best free font keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Free Font Keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Just like emoji keyboards, font keyboards for iPhone and iPad bring fun to your messages. Whether you’re texting a family member or emailing a friend, you can make your words really pop by using different font styles.

There are tons of font keyboard apps on the App Store. But if you’re looking for the top ones, look no further. Here are four of the best free font keyboards for iPhone and iPad that don’t come with a bunch of strings attached.

The best iPhone emoji keyboard apps

Best emoji keyboards for iPhone - FancyKey

These days, using emojis when sending text messages is the norm. You can say about anything with an emoji instead of text from “I love you” to “Let’s grab a burger.” And your iPhone is packed with tons of them to use. But there are apps that take these handy little smileys to another level.

You can send emojis that are arranged in a picture, those that you edit yourself, and many that you won’t find on your iPhone by default. If you want to step it up with your emojis, here are the best iPhone emoji keyboard apps.

The best swipe keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Best Swipe Keyboard iPhone - SwiftKey

Keyboards that offer a swipe feature are handy, helpful, and let you type faster than ever. Instead of hitting each key separately, you simply use your finger to swipe through the letters to create your words. These types of keyboards are great if you haven’t yet mastered the two-thumb typing.

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard and are interested in swiping, these are the best swipe keyboards for iPhone and iPad.

How to hide the emojis you never use with Smojis

Using Smojis on iPhone Keyboard

We all love to use emojis. Happy faces in our emails, hearts in our text messages, and even checkmarks in our notes; there’s an emoji for everything, everywhere. But it’s getting to the point that there are too many emojis to pick from and the list keeps growing. You look for one and have to sift through hundreds of others. What if there was a way to hide those emojis that you never, ever use?

Enter Smojis, a cool app that lets you hide single emojis or complete categories. So, if you never use flags or objects, hide them. If you only use specific smileys, hide the others. It’s all up to you! So, here’s how to hide the emojis you never use with Smojis.

FlickType Keyboard: An easy way to type messages on your Apple Watch

FlickType Keyboard on Apple Watch

When it comes to typing on your Apple Watch, you likely use the quick replies in Messages and Mail, simply because they’re the easiest. But there is now a new way to type right from your wrist.

FlickType Keyboard is handy app that makes typing on your device as simple as a flick. And, it’s now available on Apple Watch in addition to iPhone and iPad. Here’s how you can use FlickType Keyboard on your wrist.