Apple Watch Edition

My locked Apple Watch Edition eBay adventure

I bought my first used Apple device via eBay about a month ago. For a full 2 weeks, I was sure I had just bought a paperweight. My story could have ended in disaster, but thanks to a very accommodating seller, all’s well that ends well. But, I don’t think I’ll do it again.

LG targets Apple Watch Edition with limited-edition Urbane Watch Luxe

LG on Monday announced the Urbane Watch Luxe, a special version of its Urbane lineup that it hopes will appeal to folks in the market for an Apple Watch Edition.

Featuring a 23-karat gold case and available with a new alligator strap, the Urbane Watch Luxe was created in partnership with US-based REEDS Jewelers which will handle sales of LG’s Android Wear device in the United States. The limited-edition smartwatch costs $1,200 a pop and will go on sale beginning October.

Apple Watch Edition booklet details Force Touch implementation, manufacturing process and more

Recent photos and video depicting an Apple Watch Edition being unboxed provide an interesting insight into engineering that went into the creation of force sensing on the wrist-worn device, with details that go well beyond Apple’s rather scarce description on the Technology section of the Apple Watch mini-site.

As you know, not only does the Apple Watch display respond to touch-based gestures like tapping and swiping, it also uses Force Touch technology to respond to the pressure of your finger.

Now, gold Apple Watch Editions ship with a rather informative booklet that mostly deals with Apple’s manufacturing process. In addition, this booklet sheds more light on the implementation of Force Touch technology and other hardware features of the devices such as sapphire screen protection, Apple’s smallest speaker yet and more.

Photos and video of Apple Watch Edition being unboxed

Units of the staggeringly-expensive Apple Watch Edition began shipping this week, and some customers have already started receiving their orders. Yesterday, a user over in this MacRumors forum thread posted a series of photos showing his new golden wearable.

The photos are of a 42mm Yellow Gold Edition with black Sports band. The box looks similar to that of the Stainless Steel Apple Watch, but is dark blue (almost purple) in color and includes a matching cleaning cloth. Check out the images below to see more differences.

If you have $10,000+ to spend, Apple will give you a 30-minute hands on with Apple Watch Edition

Those who have a minimum of $10,000 to spend on Apple Watch Edition are in luck, as Apple will offer them 30 minutes to check out the device in select stores, according to IBT, which talked to Apple Store employees in two separate New York locations.

Standard appointments can be scheduled beginning April 10, and will last for 15 minutes, which should give enough times to figure out what specific model or band to choose. People interested in spending big will have double that time to make their decision.

Apple Watch sales strategy: a focus on fashion and upsells

9to5mac is out with a report on Tuesday detailing how Apple Store employees will help customers select the right Apple Watch for their lifestyle, when it becomes available to purchase on April 24. The publication, often providing some of the best Apple scoops, details that retail employees will initiate conversations to build trust, enabling the employee to essentially take the place as a fashion advisor during the purchase process, rather than pushing a new consumer electronic.

Apple reportedly having issues making Apple Watch’s screen

Apple is having issues manufacturing the 1.5-inch AMOLED screen for the Apple Watch, and as a result, has cut initial production and shipment targets in half, according to UDN Mobile.

Citing sources in Apple’s supply chain, the Taiwanese publication says Apple has cut shipments from between 2.5 to 3 million units to between 1.25 and 1.5 million units.

Here’s how Apple will let customers try on Apple Watch

9to5mac is out with a report detailing how Apple plans to allow customers to try on the Apple Watch in its retail stores around the globe, when the wearable will be put out on tables starting April 10.

Given the jewelry nature of the Apple Watch, it won’t be like walking into an Apple Store to try out an iPhone or iPad. According to the well-connected publication, starting on April 10th, Apple will allocate 15 minutes per customer for a guided and directed in-store try-on experience, using 10 try-on stations.

Analyst: Why Apple created the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition

The announcement that the Apple Watch Edition will start at $10,000 and be priced all the way to $17,000 when it begins shipping April 24 perplexed many. Apple is a consumer electronics company. Why is it trying to jump into the luxury space?
Here’s your answer. On Thursday, Andreessen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans penned a blog post on why Apple is bothering to sell the Apple Watch Edition. It’s full of some brilliant analysis of the new, luxury product, but it boils down to something simple – it’s a marketing tool for Apple.